nacon mg-x pro controller for iphone

It’s been the best part of a year since NACON released their MG-X Pro Controller to the world – a controller that was fully immersed in the Android world. Now though iPhone gamers can get in on the action too, with the launch of the officially licensed Xbox MG-X Pro Made For iPhone cloud-gaming controller. 

We’d point you to our full review of the MG-X Pro Controller, as we went live with the Android edition back at the start of 2022. If you are part of the Android Army, you’ll find that it’s a pretty damn great gaming controller, one that will happily hold your Android phone in place as you make the most of the likes of Cloud-based gaming through Xbox Game Pass. 

But now it’s time for NACON to turn their attention to Team iPhone – taking pretty much everything that was good about the Android version and ensuring it works with iPhone. 

In fact, whilst we are mostly interested in seeing how this plays with Game Pass titles, you can use it with a range of iPhone – 6S right up to the latest 14 – thanks in part to the Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable holder. Drop in and you’ll discover all the usual buttons and features that you would expect of such a controller. 

The NACON MG-X Pro for iPhone allows for some twenty hours of battery life too, with the key features of it sitting as…

  • • The Xbox experience wherever you are: Designed for Xbox and Made For iPhone® – ideal for playing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate™ games and other compatible games in the Apple Store
  • • Ergonomic handles: ergonomically designed and a textured surface for optimal comfort
  • • Fully secure: the adjustable holder holds the smartphone securely and ensures maximum stability
  • • Wireless connection: easy to pair an iPhone® with the MG-X Pro Made For iPhone® via Bluetooth®
  • • 20 hours battery life*: powerful rechargeable battery for long gaming sessions, charges via the included USB-C cable. LED indicator shows the battery level
  • • Universal compatibility: compatible with all iPhone® models from the 6S to recent models running iOS 14

Available from today – December 2nd 2022 – the NACON MG-X Pro Made for iPhone controller should certainly be on your Christmas list. Expect to pay €120 or so. You can pick one up at NACON direct.