MathLand adventureing screenshot

Educational games can sometimes be a bit hit or miss; too complex for younger players but too childish for the adults. MathLand looks to buck that trend in being capable of providing an educational gaming experience for all – no matter whether you are 5-years old or well into adulthood. 

Created by Didactoons Games and published by those at Artax Games, MathLand promises to be a real adventure in which you take on the role of Ray, a pirate attempting to recover a host of stolen gems and treasures from the evil Max. The thing is, the world you traverse is full of obstacles and hazards – only by solving a host of fun maths games will you get to navigate your ship to calm waters. It certainly looks like it is trying something slightly different to the likes of Educational Games for Kids.

There are no less than 25 levels found in MathLand, with your end goals being to hunt down that piratey treasure chest and to reclaim the loot. But with quicksand in your way, chatty parrots keeping you busy, volcanoes spurting out lava and magic doors aplenty, grabbing those riches will not be easy. 

But at least MathLand is trying something different and with addition, subtraction, numbering, multiplication and division tasks ready and waiting, you’ll not just have a fun time in trying to help Ray, but you’ll probably learn something as you go. 

This is a game that the developers and publishers hope will be able to cater for all, no matter whether you are plonking your kids down in front of the TV in hope of them enhancing their number skills, or whether you are looking for new teaching methods and the reinforcing of old skills. We’re intrigued to see how MathLand goes about catering for all and will be sure to deliver some thoughts in a full review, but in a nutshell, the features will run something as follows…

  • For children aged 5-6:
    • * Learning to add and subtract with very small numbers and amounts (1 to 10).
    • * Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 10) and vice versa
    • * Reinforcing mental arithmetic with already learned additions and subtractions.
  • For children aged 7-8:
    • * Learning to add and subtract with larger numbers and amounts (1 to 20).
    • * Getting started on learning multiplication tables.
    • * Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 50) and vice versa
    • * Developing mental arithmetic with educational games based on addition, subtraction, and multiplication tables.
  • For children aged 9+ and adults:
    • * More complex additions and subtractions, teaching mental association of numbers with different arithmetic strategies (adding and subtracting).
    • * Reinforcing the learning of all multiplication tables.
    • * Developing advanced mental arithmetic.

MathLand is on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (fully optimised for new-gen) for a mere £4.99. Go and grab a download. 

Game Description:

An evil pirate, Max, has stolen the sacred gems and has cursed the islands filling them with obstacles and traps. Help Ray, our pirate, find the gems and restore the natural order of things. Navigate your ship through the seas to get them, but remember: you will need a spyglass to discover new islands. Solve fun math games to get them: addition, subtraction, numbering, multiplication tables, and division. The islanders need you! EVERY ISLAND IS AN ADVENTURE Have fun with over 25 levels and negotiate all kinds of obstacles in order to get to the chest that holds the gem. It will be a real adventure—you’ll have to deal with quicksand, bewitched parrots, volcanoes with lava, puzzle games, magic doors, funny carnivorous plants, etc. It will surprise you!