perfect ninja painter
Are you the Perfect Ninja Painter?

We get it. Sometimes you want to spend time honing your craft, and peacefully paint the perfect scene. But in other, oft more unhinged periods, you wish for nothing more than to dash around the gaming landscape, defeating all as a stealthy ninja. Well, do we have the game for you! Perfect Ninja Painter on Xbox is a chaotic puzzler. In it, an artistic ninja uses his samurai powers to paint the town red. And blue. And green.

A Mobile Classic

Arriving on Xbox shores courtesy of SilenGames (previously of Lost Snowmen and Super Ninja Miner fame), the original Ninja Painter amassed over a whopping 100 million downloads on flash, web and mobile formats.

Such crazy numbers have prompted the ultimate re-release on console as Perfect Ninja Painter, bringing the game to colourful HD.

Travelling across the world, trusty paintbrush in hand, you will control the ninja across 50 levels, and are instructed with painting the tiles on each level a specific colour. The trick is that when the ninja gets going in a certain direction, he will not stop until he meets a wall. Therefore, careful planning is required in order to paint the level exactly as instructed.

Pick up the three stars in each of the levels to well and truly master the game!

Now Available!

Perfect Ninja Painter is the ultimate way to play this cult classic of a puzzler. You can pick it up for £4.19 on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, via the Xbox Store.

Look out for our full review of Perfect Ninja Painter on Xbox, which will be with you soon!

Game Description

Ninjas have never been… painting! Prepare for a colorful, fast-paced adventure! 

Perfect Ninja Painter is a colorful arcade puzzle game that’s so much fun, it’s hard to stop. Paint the walls through 50 levels and try to get all stars! 

The original Ninja Painter game has been played more than 100 million times on Flash, the web and mobiles since 2011, and now it’s time to get this great experience in HD.