loco parentis
Loco Parentis is prime Halloween gaming

Okay, this is ridiculous. We’ve sat and watched the one minute long trailer for Loco Parentis. From about the five second mark the chills started moving down our spine. And we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve looked over our shoulder since. And that’s in one minute. How the hell are we going to prepare for Halloween by playing Loco Parentis on Xbox?

Ready for some scares?

The answer? We’re not. Well, I’M NOT. I’ll find some member of TheXboxHub team who is willing to bring on early nightmares instead. 

If this is your bag though, you like nothing but being scared stupid by stupid horror games, then Loco Parentis should be downloading to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S as we speak. We’re not sure you’re going to find too much that is capable of scaring on such a level – even though we do highly recommend you play some Bloober Team games at Halloween too. 

Anyways, Loco Parentis. For £8.39 you’ll find yourself dropped into a horror tale that focuses on a young girl (don’t they always?!). You’ll be left to navigate your way through a strange building, as nightmarish elements come to the fore. The paranormal, the creepy… we don’t think we need to explain too much more about how this one is going to play out. 

And besides, we ain’t watching that trailer ever again. 

Buy now – if you dare

Pop over to the Xbox Store, grab a download and kick back for the evening. We guess you’ll probably want to play this one in the dead of night, curtains closed, lights off? Yeah, weird…

Let us know how it goes though. The comments are below. 

Loco Parentis on Xbox Game Description

Just a usual day. You’re heading out for a walk just like you do it every day. You’re stepping out of your apartment when all of a sudden, you see a little girl who looks frightened. She asks to help her find her mother… From now on everything goes beyond normal. You are trapped in a nightmare that is taking place in this dwelling. But don’t even try to escape – you have to help this girl. In this game, you will face paranormal creepy things that you need to defeat on your way to freedom. Meet terrifying tenants of your house… Are they friends or foes? Are you brave enough to find out the little girl’s story and find her mother? Hardcore gameplay, ominous atmosphere and constant sense of foreboding are waiting for you.

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