train sim world 3 midland line

Don’t ever say that Train Sim World 3 isn’t exciting. I mean, what more could you want than to take a trip through Leicester, Derby & Nottingham?

We jest, but if truth be known we’re quite excited by the latest Train Sim World 3 content pack to drop from the Dovetail Games team, for whilst recent times has seen us traverse the lines of Germany, today we get the chance to head to the East Midlands, taking in the joys of that part of the UK. 

It comes about via the Train Sim World 3: Midland Main Line: Leicester – Derby & Nottingham expansion pack, allowing players to jump aboard the likes of the BR Class 158 Sprinter, before whipping their way through the heart of the UK. With full East Midlands Trains livery in tow, as well as the chance to take in the most iconic local sights – the Radcliffe Power Station, anyone? – there’s not much that can get more exciting. 

As you would suspect, the Train Sim World 3: Midland Main Line: Leicester – Derby & Nottingham content pack has been put together with the usual high levels of detail found in the base game, as Skyhook Games and Dovetail come together to build out a 38-mile route around Derby, through Leicester and over to Nottingham. You’ll get to take in this trip either via the cab, controlling everything, or as a passenger, kicking back and enjoying the views. 

Front and centre of the action is the iconic Class 43 HST (known to many as the InterCity 125) forms one of two trains to operate on the route, this time featuring the Paxman VP185 power unit and the previous East Midlands Trains livery. The Class 158 arrives for the first time in Train Sim World, bolstering the timetable and offering a different driving experience to the high-speed trains. These units were built in Derby, adding some home-grown traction to the route’s services.

Tom Foster, lead developer for the project from Skyhook Games commented, “The Class 158 was built from the chassis up for Midland Main Line. Every Loco is a unique beast, and it was important for us to get the details right. Not just the visuals, but the feel too! However, we have strived to make the loco accessible not just to the superfans [of Train Sim World], but also the casual enjoyers too. We hope you love playing it, as much as you do riding them!”

Matt Peddlesden, (we interviewed Matt for our podcast a while back to get further insight into Train Sim World 3) Executive Producer at Dovetail Games says: “It’s always exciting to introduce a brand-new train operator to Train Sim World, so I’m delighted that we’re bringing some of the bright and colourful East Midlands Trains fleet to the game. With tons to do and in a new part of the country, this fantastic route Add-on is going to keep you driving!”

If you have the Train Sim World 3 base game to hand on Xbox, PlayStation or PC, then you can enhance your railway experience with the new Train Sim World 3: Midland Main Line: Leicester – Derby & Nottingham route Add-on right now. It’ll set you back some £29.99. Grab it from the Xbox Store or your preferred digital storefront. 

DLC Description:

Climb aboard the regional staple of the UK, the BR Class 158 Sprinter. This 1990s-born DMU has served as the backbone of the nation, running everywhere from Wick to Penzance. Shuttle through on local services, sporting the iconic East Midlands Trains livery, taking in the local sights and rumbling by on Cummins prime mover technology. From a rumble to a roar, race through the towns in the legendary HST. Also wearing the colourful swooshes of EMT, the HST is a world-renowned icon, which for over 40 years was the flagship of UK Intercity travel. Rekindle the now lost time of VP185 traction and get up to speed on EMT’s long distance expresses. Ride and Drive commuter trains between a trio of cities, complete route tasks, or simply go trainspotting from your favourite vantage point. Customise your own experiences with the Scenario Planner and Livery Designer and share them on Creators Club.