the rumble fish 2 keyart

When you’ve got the creative minds behind Street Fighter and the Fatal Fury series in your team, you probably know how to go about making a game – especially a fighter. It’s time then for The Rumble Fish 2 to land in the net. 

Available right now for PC and console players to enjoy – consoles being Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch – The Rumble Fish 2 from 3goo and Dimps Corporation is a cult classic 2D brawler that has much in the way of similar vibes to some of the genre leaders. 

Breaking out of the arcade and into the home console and PC market, The Rumble Fish 2 has you fighting it out to the death, working smooth visuals, a high level of strategy and a fighting style that makes the most of a 2-guage system. 

Simple to use – one gauge for attack, one for defense – and preserving the arcade version’s 5-button hits, if you’re even in the slightest bit interested in a new battler, then The Rumble Fish 2 should well suffice. 

There are obviously new ideas being brought to the fore here though, like an online mode with Rollback Net code, various game modes in the form of Arcade, Training, Time Attack, Survival and VS, whilst full 16:9 / 60 FOS wide screen support also helps. 

This is one you won’t want to miss – head on over to the Xbox Store right now and grab a download for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S for £24.99. It’s also on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

There’s a Collector’s Edition of The Rumble Fish 2 coming in Q2 2023 too, and it’s that which will include a physical copy of the game, download codes for three more characters (three characters who you can grab for £3.29 each digitally – Greed, Hazama and Beatrice), the original The Rumble Fish 1 game, a Collector’s Edition Box, Soundtrack, Art Book, Strategy Guide and Command List.