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Liquibet Season 34 Recap

Congrats to winner BisuDagger (hey, that’s me!)!!!!

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    1       96       BisuDagger
    2       95       Avi-Love
    3       91       tagliatelle
    4       90       noqure
    5       86       Weltschmerz
    6       85       2Pacalypse-
    7       85       Cryoc
    8       84       Shock719
    9       82       Shinrei
    10       82       Infested.rine

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Liquibet Season 35 Begins

      Season 35 begins with ASL Season 15 and will pick up BSL in its 17th season. Let’s have a shout out to this wonderful community that has been together for over 20 years! Good luck everyone (even if we know the whole liquibet system is rigged)!

Awesome Korean Tournaments:
(Wiki)AfreecaTV StarCraft League Remastered/15
(Wiki)KCM/Race Survival/2023/1

Kick ass Foreign Tournaments:
(Wiki)Bombastic StarLeague/161

Support your Community:
Tastosis Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ASLenglish
Can someone link Scan’s patreon?

ModeratorOfiicial Afreeca Starleague Caster: http://afreeca.tv/ASL2ENG2

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Congrats! BisuDagger!

I think this is the first time I have reached “hey I’m famous”. I’ve had good runs before, but then miss too many votes and fall off. This post kespa era is enough for me to keep up lol

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I’ll play, but as soon as I miss a vote I’m gonna be a grumpy kid and stop playing again ^^
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Scan’s patreon? I’m guessing you mean the one via StarCastTV to support Scan for casting ASL in English?
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Hello, how do I participate in this? Btw… I was one of those guys who was here during the early 2000s then went to make the transition to poker. I am old now, Lol.

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Top left corner you can find “Open Liquibets: 7 / 0”, you can vote there. Check (login) regularly to not miss any new liquibets. The 7 means you have 7 open liquibets for BW.
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Never watched a single BW tournament in my life and only know like 1-2 players.
I m fucking 18th.
In SC2 I know trivia of every Single one of the players and could probably recognise most of them on the streets, even if I wasn t expecting them. There I m currently rank 59.


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Congrats BisuDagger!!

On 32! I’m glad that i’m in top50 and I missed the final frown

Let’s go on the new season !!

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Grats to Bisudagger on the win. I’m glad we’re still doing BW LB. I hope to get into the top 10 this time around. Was a pretty poor performance this time.

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