For all the money Binion’s Hotel & Casino along the Fremont Street Experience might make, it seems its parent TLC Casino Enterprises can’t afford a good copywriter.

Vital Vegas took to Twitter on Thursday with the controversy causing “no color policy” sign that greets visitors to Binion’s:

The small print explains that the contentious word ‘color’ applies to the symbols, patches, and other signs of membership worn by motorcycle gangs and similar violent associations.

Twitter users are, however, hauling Binion’s through the coals for its choice of vague words. Valerie Kay Bliss said she had to look twice at the sign, stating: “I thought for sure I had not only been transported back in time but also back to the South!”

According to 3 News Las Vegas, motorcycle rider Josh said he understood the need for the sign, because:

You don’t want Bloods and Crips in the same vicinity.”

While Binion’s have yet to comment, Fremont Street Experience distanced itself from the sign, saying it “does not influence or dictate policies for individual private properties.”