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KickCon 2023 appears to be on the way and its location could ruffle a few feathers over at Twitch HQ. The up-and-coming streaming platform Kick tweeted an image of a ticket on Wednesday. According to that post, KickCon will take place in Las Vegas on an unspecified date this year.

might coincide with the semi-annual US gaming convention of Twitch

Many Kick followers expressed joy at the announcement, while others speculated that it might coincide with the semi-annual US gaming convention of Twitch. The highly-anticipated event is also due to take place in Las Vegas on October 20-22.

Many Kick fans and content creators, including high-profile steamer Trainwreck, have called out Twitch for hypocrisy after the Amazon-owned platform announced the gambling-centric location for TwitchCon 2023. Twitch banned unregulated casino gambling on its platform last year, forcing many streamers to make the shift to Kick to continue making content.

Since launching last year, Kick has been embroiled in a media battle with its rival Twitch. It has poached a number of top content creators, including the latest addition GMHikaru, and offers a more competitive ratio of subscription revenue for streamers.