The ban on Twitch streamers showcasing online casino content from unregulated platforms led to a mass exodus to the burgeoning site Kick last year, with streamers such as Trainwreck, Roshtein, and ClassyBeef making the switch. However, Kick users are still waiting for the release of a mobile app.

Trainwreck said last month that it appeared likely the app would finally launch on March 3. It is now evident that it will take a little longer still. Trainwreck tweeted on Friday to update his 600,000+ followers about the situation:

A beta phase allows app developers to find any possible glitches, performance issues, or negative aspects of the user experience before launching the final version.

Many on Twitter have urged Trainwreck and Kick to take their time

Despite the extended launch date, fans don’t seem too concerned. Many on Twitter have urged Trainwreck and Kick to take their time to make sure the app is right upon launch. They have also shown appreciation for Kick’s upfront attitude towards communicating the issue with fans.

Twitter user Muaaz, said: “People will complain heavy if it drops and the User Experience isn’t great. Take your time with it forsure.” In a similar vein, MiiThyX encouraged Kick to take as long as it needs because it “is better to make great experience for viewers.” Meanwhile, SirKnoe said: “Can’t rush greatness.”