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ITS Logistics, a third-party logistics company based in Reno, Nevada, and the University of Nevada, Reno announced February 27 the founding of a Supply Chain & Transportation Management Program at The College of Business. ITS said the fully funded new academic program comes during a time when the supply chain industry is experiencing historical growth and labor shortages.

“This is a program that is for the industry and by the industry,” said Mike Crawford, COO of ITS Logistics. “ITS is intertwined with both the community of Reno and the success of the University of Nevada, and this program is designed to cultivate and support future supply chain leaders in an exciting time in the industry.”

The program is independently funded by ITS Logistics, and an Executive Advisory Board ensures that the curriculum of the program continues to remain aligned with relevant industry topics.

“As a result of the contribution and input from ITS Logistics, we were able to work closely with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) to skill map the university classes to their specific certifications,” said Robyn Brunscher, Director of Supply Chain & Transportation Management at the university. 

The program also offers internship opportunities for enrolled students at companies like ITS Logistics, speaking engagements with industry professionals, and tours of some of the most profound logistics facilities. Courses in the program are taught by industry experts with first-hand professional knowledge in areas such as operations, big data analysis, analytics, marketing, and business development.

For more information, visit the University of Nevada, Reno. Classes will begin to be offered in the spring of 2023.