Is Online Sports Betting Allowed in Nigeria?

Sports betting has become a popular activity in Nigeria. In 2020, it was reported that over 60 million Nigerians participated in online sports betting, and the supposed number is 18 to 40 years.

This large number of Nigerians participating in sports betting has led to a rise in sports betting sites now offering their services to locals. Because of that, Nigerians now enjoy some of the best betting odds in the market.

The online gambling market in Nigeria is largely unregulated. Nigerian laws allow skilled-based games such as national lottery, skill-based card games, and backgammon. There’s no Nigerian law that openly prohibits online gambling, and as a result, online sports betting, bingo sites, and online casino games have found a way into the Nigerian market.

Read on to learn about the legality of online sports betting in Nigeria:

Which Laws Govern Online Sports Betting in Nigeria?

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission regulates gambling in Nigeria. These regulations are based on the National Lottery Act of 2005, which has legalized the lottery. However, it’s best to note that other forms of gambling are defined as illegal under the Criminal Code Act of 1990.

The Nigerian government also oversees other gambling activities through the Lagos State Law of 2004. Based on these laws, sports betting, the lottery, and land-based casino gaming are the legal gambling activities in the country. On the other hand, dice games, Roulette, and non-skilled card games are deemed illegal.

The Nigerian Lottery Commission regulates online gambling activities in Nigeria. Therefore, online sportsbooks should get a license from the Commission to offer their services to Nigerians.

The gambling age in Nigeria is 18 years; therefore, you should remember this before participating in online sports betting.

There are no strict regulations regarding online sports betting transactions in the country. For example, offshore bookies can only offer their services in some countries if they accept the country’s currency; however, this is different in Nigeria. Some popular payment solutions for sports betting include digital wallets, USSD services, and credit and debit cards.

The Nigerian Lottery Commission often issues lottery licenses to bookies, promotional permits, and online and offline sports betting licenses. The Commission also ensures that operators follow the application process to obtain the license.

What Are Some of the Best Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria?

The best sports betting sites in Nigeria are those that best suit your needs. Here is what you should look out for before settling for an online sports betting site:

Customer Support

Good customer support is essential for any business, including the gambling industry. Therefore, finding an online sports betting site with exceptional customer support is best.


Most gambling sites understand that bonuses are a deal-breaker for some players; therefore, some understand this and have become careful with their bonus offerings. But unfortunately, some sites have resulted in using dishonest bonuses in an attempt to lure players into opening an account with them.


It’s best to only deal with online betting sites that are regulated. For example, to whom would you complain if the bookmaker goes against the agreed terms and conditions or freezes your account unfairly? If you’re dealing with a regulated site, you have some resort since the site risks revoking its license.

Secure Payment Options

To engage in online sports betting, you must find sites that offer fast, low-charge, and secure payment methods.

Usability of the Website

It’s best to find betting sites that are organized and neat to make your browsing more smooth.

Here are some of the top sports betting sites in Nigeria that you should look at:

Best Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria with Welcome Bonus

Bonuses and promotions often keep many existing players loyal to a betting site and bookmaker. Sportsbooks use a welcome bonus to entice new players; however, it’s best to be vigilant.

A legit sportsbook will have realistic wagering and not playthrough requirements such as 50X. A 50X requirement means a player will likely fail to achieve the turnover requirement and incur losses.

However, it’s best to understand that not all bonuses are the same. Some have high wagering requirements, while others have low wagering requirements. Here are some common types of bookmaker bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus- This type of bonus is only eligible for new players when they sign up. The bonus value might sometime be high as ₦100,000. The wagering requirement associated with this bonus is often high in many instances.
  • Free bets: This is a bonus type with a low-to-zero wagering requirement, and it’s risk-free. New and existing players are eligible for this type of bonus; however, most of the time, the free bet value is low as the wagering requirement is low too.
  • Deposit bonus: This type of bonus rewards you with a matched bonus every time you deposit money into your betting account. However, there’s a limit on how much you can receive as a bonus. This type of bonus also has a high wagering requirement.

These are some sites with the best bonuses for Nigerian bettors:

Best Cash-Out Betting Sites in Nigeria

Cash-out is a feature in which some sportsbooks allow bettors to settle their bets before an event ends, whether in profit or at a loss.

Bets that allow bettors to cash out will show an active cash-out button on the bet slip. However, not all events have the cash-out button active. If you’re a bettor, you can choose full cash-out, auto cash-out, or partial cash-out.

  • Full cash out: Allows bettors to cash out the full amount available for cashing out.
  • Auto cash out The cash out will happen once specific rules are obtained.
  • Partial cash-out: You can cash out a fraction of your cash-out value and let the remaining amount run using the odds available at the moment of cashing out.

Here are some sports betting sites with great cash-out options in Nigeria:

Online Betting Tips for You

Here are some online betting tips for you for a pleasant betting experience:

Bet on a Licensed and Regulated Site

Betting on a regulated site ensures that its operations are fair and transparent. Such sites can’t disclose your personal information unless by court order.

Do Your Research

Doing your own research is the surest way to ensure that all the information you use for betting is not hearsay or unreliable.

Never Bet More Than You’re Willing to Lose

Betting is risky and addictive if overdone. Therefore, it’s only best to bet an amount you’re comfortable losing if you want to avoid reaching such limits. In addition, it would help if you treated betting like any other pastime event where you can spend a certain amount without feeling guilty.

These tips should help you get started or continue with your online sports betting journey in Nigeria.



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