Soon-to-be-launched Singaporean neobank Inypay has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the AAARYA Business College for its upcoming Study Now Pay Later (SNPL) product.

Inypay will be launching the SNPL offering in early May. The neobank is also looking to roll out its Earned Wage Access as well as local and cross-border payments by end of May.

Through this strategic partnership, Inypay and AAARYA Business College aim to revolutionise education and career advancement for the mass and emerging market segment by providing them access to high-quality courses that will help them upskill and grow in their careers.

Inypay’s financial products and services aim to enable customers to pursue their dreams without worrying about immediate payment, making education more accessible and affordable for those who aspire to advance their careers while mitigating their financial constraints.

The partnership between Inypay and AAARYA Business College is set to bring about positive changes in the education and career advancement landscape in SEA.

Both Inypay and AAARYA Business College said that they are committed to maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct in all aspects of their partnership, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The shared vision of both organisations is to inspire knowledge and skills acquisition, engender employability, and promote self-development in the workforce.

Inypay had recently applied for the Major Payment Institution (MPI) license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Yati Kairi

Yati Kairi

Yati Kairi, Managing Director of AAARYA Business College said,

“Our shared commitment to engender employability and self-development will help bridge the gap for aspiring lifelong learners, and create new opportunities for people to upskill and advance their careers,”

Arivuvel Ramu

Arivuvel Ramu

Arivuvel Ramu, Founder & CEO of Inypay said,

“We believe that partnerships are essential to building a flourishing business ecosystem. By collaborating with AAARYA Business College, we can jointly expand our customer base, and explore new opportunities for growth. This partnership is an important milestone for Inypay, and we look forward to working with AAARYA Business College to achieve our shared goals.”


P. Palaniappan

P. Palaniappan, Group CEO of AAARYA Business College said,

“We are excited to enter into the MoU with Inypay, a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence. This business partnership will enable us to offer our students a more seamless payment experience and create new opportunities for growth. Our vision is to inspire knowledge and skills acquisition to engender employability and self-development in the workforce, and this partnership with Inypay aligns perfectly with our goals.”

Senthil Subramaniam - Inypay

Senthil Sambandam

Senthil Sambandam, Chief Partner Officer of Inypay said,

“In addition to joint marketing and promotional efforts to increase brand awareness and visibility, Inypay and AAARYA Business College will also explore opportunities for joint events, webinars, and workshops that will benefit their respective target audiences. The collaboration between the two organizations is aimed at providing a seamless and convenient learning experience for students, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for success in the workforce. We are still recruiting more partners for this initiative, interested parties may contact us at Inypay for more information.”

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