According to the Ministry of Social Development, Instant Kiwi is one of New Zealand’s most loved and played products. At offshore casinos online, this is usually the product that players play the least.

How does this happen? Why is Instant Kiwi so popular and what are the differences between Instant Kiwi games and online scratch cards?

Instant Kiwi

So Instant Kiwi games at Mylotto are considered a safe gambling site because it is controlled by the New Zealand authority.

It also has offline marketing around the country, which is something that gaming operations outside of NZ’s borders do not have access to.

This is a big reason for the popularity of Instant Kiwi as no competition is seen in the country.

Instant Kiwi
Instant Kiwi games

As a product, Instant Kiwi has a little more than 30 games to offer online. The bad thing, however, is that you can’t always play their games, which is very strange since the games are online.

From 10.10 to 6.30 the games are closed for games with real money and you can only test play during this period.

There also seems to be a max win limit set at $100,000 which isn’t too bad but compared to other online games it’s a no hit.

The games themselves are pretty fun, have good graphics and offer features like multiplying wins.

Scratch cards online

Online scratch cards are just like Instant Kiwi game scratch cards in different forms.

The range of scratch cards is actually larger at Instant Kiwi than at most online operators. This is because online casinos do not place much importance on this product, while Instant Kiwi places a great deal of focus on this type of game.

What’s better is that the winnings can be much higher for some online scratch cards. Another thing that is also better is that you can play at any time of the day, i.e. the games are never turned off.

Online scratch cards
Online scratch cards

As a product, neither offshore casinos nor Mylotto offer a better product in our opinion. Both have interesting pros and cons.

The biggest advantage of Instant Kiwi is that part of the money is donated and the best advantage of online scratch cards is that you can also play on many other products.

All in all, Instant Kiwi scratch cards are better than those offered at offshore casinos, they feel safer for Kiwis and are the two most obvious reasons for the great popularity of Instant Kiwi games.