Holstin hero

Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks – three of the inspirations behind the eerie Holstin, the next psychological horror survival experience to be announced for PC and console.

Looking to whisk you off to an eerie Polish lakeside town, Holstin from the Polish developer and publisher Sonka will introduce you to an ominous presence, one that has slowly and surely taken over everything and everyone – including one of your colleagues who was sent looking for info for a newspaper story. 

With contact lost and the most weird, most incoherent messages having been received, it’s up to you to scour the town and try to uncover the truth. 

Having been heavily inspired by Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Twin Peaks, Holstin will launch on PC and console in 2023, making the most of 2XD Rendering technology which allows the team at Sonka to create real time lighting in a pixel-art game. A Steam demo will be released in January 2023 too. 

Running full English and Polish voice acting, the key game features include:

  • Explore a Possessed Town – Something is very wrong in the town of Jeziorne-Kolonia. The streets are overrun by some kind of filthy slime. The people, the buildings, and the wildlife all seem to be slowly deteriorating from the inside.
  • Fight and Survive Against Unfathomable Monstrosities – Scavenge for scarce supplies and weapons to fight off the twisted monstrosities now roaming the darkest corners of the town.
  • Speak to Locals Slowly Losing Their Minds – Sanity among the locals seems to be slowly slipping away, but they are the only ones who can get you the answers you need. You will have to play along with their unnerving delusions and try to understand their festering world to get anywhere.
  • Classic Visuals with Modern Tricks and Technology – Hand-drawn , 3D pixel-art enhanced with dynamic lighting and a free camera system.
  • Full Voice Acting in Polish and English – Chillingly manic performances in both English and Polish will bring every character in Holstin to life.

Give the trailer below a watch and get yourself over to the Steam page to find out more.

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/inspired-by-the-horror-classics-holstin-is-coming-to-pc-and-console/