Immutable’s zkEVM Marches Towards Mainnet with a Series of Milestones

According to official Twitter account, Immutable has set the stage for gaming on the Ethereum blockchain with its recently launched zkEVM Testnet, accentuated by the involvement of @0xPolygonLabs. The progress is underscored by over 50 games that have earmarked their development on the Immutable zkEVM platform, showcasing a growing ecosystem even before its Mainnet launch.

The journey towards a fully functional Mainnet is highlighted by a series of methodical steps:

1. Testnet Launch (August): The initial phase saw the launch of the Immutable zkEVM Testnet which witnessed over 20,000 active addresses engaging in more than 100,000 transactions as developers started the groundwork for their gaming projects.

2. Testnet Re-Genesis (November): A significant transition was the re-genesis of the Testnet, upgrading the chain’s inaugural EVM client from Polygon Edge to Geth. This strategic move is aimed at aligning Immutable zkEVM closely with Ethereum, ensuring full compatibility with Ethereum’s extensive tooling ecosystem.

3. Mainnet Launch (December – January): The subsequent phase will unveil the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet, with an initial invitation to developers to explore the new chain in groups, prior to a public launch.

4. Dedicated App Chains (2024): Looking ahead, 2024 will see the introduction of dedicated app chains, offering a similar tech stack and capabilities as Immutable zkEVM but with distinct customization options. The transition to Geth is highlighted as a pivotal step towards ensuring optimal liquidity, accessibility, and security for each app chain.

5. Prover Integration (2024): A crucial milestone will be the incorporation of the zk-prover, embodying the essence of “zk” in zkEVM, and facilitating a trustless bridge between Ethereum and Immutable zkEVM.

Immutable’s vision is not just about creating a new blockchain but fostering a burgeoning ecosystem. The over 50 games committing to build on Immutable zkEVM is a testament to the platform’s potential to be the nexus of blockchain gaming on Ethereum.

Developers are urged to commence building on the live zkEVM Testnet to gear up for the upcoming Mainnet launch, as indicated on Immutable’s official developer portal.

Image source: Shutterstock Source: https://Blockchain.News/news/immutabls-zkevm-marches-towards-mainnet-with-a-series-of-milestones


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