Igloo Partners OPPO and realme to Offer Smartphone Protection Plans

Igloo Partners OPPO and realme to Offer Smartphone Protection Plans by Fintech News Singapore October 19, 2023

Singapore-based insurtech Igloo has partnered with smartphone brands OPPO and realme to offer protection and after-sales services for their smartphones.

The partnership has launched in Singapore with OPPO and in the Philippines with realme, with plans to roll out into other markets, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Igloo will provide screen protection plans starting at US$0.074 (SG$ 0.1) per day for OPPO smartphones, as well as extended warranty plans, accidental warranty plans, and screen damage protection plans starting at US$0.0035 (PHP 0.2) per day for realme smartphones.

For in-store purchases, Igloo has streamlined the registration process with a QR code that leads directly to the customer portal.

Furthermore, Igloo has made it possible for OPPO and realme customers to effortlessly access and buy official protection plans. This is facilitated through a dedicated customer portal that syncs in real-time with the smartphone brands’ databases for updates.

Raunak Mehta

Raunak Mehta

Raunak Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO at Igloo, shared,

“Igloo is committed to ensuring accessibility of insurance products that address emerging risks from the digital lifestyle of consumers today.

OPPO and realme have a variety of smartphone products that cater to wide audiences, which helps Igloo champion its mission of insurance for all with enhanced accessibility through our partner-friendly API capabilities.”

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