IEM Katowice 2023: Playoffs Betting Preview & Predictions

IEM Katowice 2023: Playoffs Betting Preview & Predictions

The IEM Katowice 2023 has already been a shocking event, and we’re not even in the Playoffs yet.

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We’ve had some huge surprises:

  1. First, FURIA got sent to the lower bracket of the Play-In by BIG, where they got kicked off by the Mongolian esports org IHC.
  2. Second, Cloud9 was eliminated in the lower bracket of Group A, also by IHC—a team they beat 16-5 in the upper bracket of the Play-In just days ago.
  3. Third, Fnatic forced Outsiders down to the lower bracket of Group B. The odds for them in the first and second games were 2.10 (against 1.70) and 1.48 (against 2.66), respectively.

With how things are shaping up, we might witness more deviations from the proverbial script, especially in the lower fringes of the groups.

Let’s take a look at how the Playoffs might play out.

CS:GO IEM Katowice 2023 Group Stage Results

Only 6 teams will make it to the Playoffs, and if everything goes strictly according to plan, these 6 teams will be G2, NAVI, FAZE, Heroic, Team Vitality, and Outsiders. These are your favorites even before the tournament started. As of now, only G2 and NAVI have earned their spots.

IEM Katowice 2023: Playoffs Stage Preview

IHC beat Cloud9 in the lower bracket quarterfinals of Group A – Image credit: ESL

Next to these teams, you have the mid-tiers that are good contenders to the Playoffs but offer no guarantee, such as Team Liquid, OG, MOUZ, and NIP. Cloud9 used to be on this list until they got the Mongolian boot. Their odds before they got eliminated was 1.38 against 3.03, which tells you just how unpredictable IEM Katowice betting can get.

Then there are the underdogs: IHC, Team Spirit, Fnatic, and Complexity—all still in play and still the potential breadwinners for some type of CSGO bettors. CSGO betting on Luckbox and other dedicated esports bookmakers normally offer extra cream on top for these underdogs to offset the risk. Still, we’re seeing a fairly even field so far.

Our Playoffs Predictions

Right now, G2 has never lost a map in 2023—not once when they fought NAVI four times in the Spring Groups, not once when they fought FAZE 2 times on 5 February. If you watch IEM Katowice, you know why they’re the talk of the town at the moment. Everyone’s on point, especially Nikola “NiKo” Kovač. It seems they have all the momentum in the world and will be the biggest favorite going to the Playoffs.

Fortunately, we’re noticing some gaps in the odds. For instance, the upcoming NAVI-G2 matchup has the multipliers 2.59 and 1.49 (respectively) on GG.Bet esports. This is an absurdly high number for NAVI, one that you won’t be able to take advantage of very often. Expect more of these gaps to come in the Playoffs, and place your wagers accordingly.

If underdogs like IHC push their way to the Playoffs, bettors should look at the Map Handicap market, where the risk-reward could be the most appealing and profitable. They’re underdogs for a reason, so betting on them to win the whole event would be a long shot. At best, you may want to consider betting on them with a +1.5 handicap in the early stages of the Playoffs (assuming they make it).

Overall, we haven’t changed our stance on most teams, even though we’ve seen some upsets. NAVI and G2 are guaranteed finalists, and they’ll fight tooth and nail to lift that Katowice trophy. Outsiders and Team Vitality are still the wildcard picks, while Heroic, who hasn’t faced NAVI or G2 since BLAST Premier: World Final 2022, could make bettors some cold hard cash when and if the encounter comes.

Which betting promotions are still available for IEM Katowice?

Here’s a quick list of special offers for betting on IEM Katowice this year:

  1. Luckbox, an esports betting specialist website, is offering a nice combination of promos for this event. Apart from doubling your first deposit using the 100% matched desposit bonus up to $100, you have the opportunity to boost your winnings if your selected teams completes an specified objective. Find out more about this Kato Boost promo by going to our IEM Katowice betting guide.
  2. At GG.Bet, a name synonymous with esports betting, you still have the chance the claim the final bonus in its Superpack of bonuses. Check out the details of Bonus 3 on our IEM Katowice bonus review for more information.
  3. MyStake, a crypto betting operator, is offering a $10 free bet to anyone who registers a new account and uses our exclusive MyStake promo code.

Remember to read the terms and conditions that apply, always gamble responsibly and never wager money you can’t afford to lose.

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