How & Where to Play Solitaire Online for Real Money

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Solitaire, the most popular online card game in all countries around the world is also a very popular card game in New Zealand with more than 24 thousand searches every month according to Ahrefs. But few know that you can play Solitaire online for real money. It’s one of the few skill games offered online, but the way the game works and where you can play are two things that don’t work like with the free versions. In this article I want to show you how Solitaire online for real money is played and of course also where you can play it.

Solitaire online for real money bet info

This is how Solitaire online for real money works

You choose your bet as in any other game and the bigger the bet, the bigger the winnings you generate. Before starting the game, as in the image below, you can see how much you win when you place a card depending on your bet. The difference between Solitaire for real money and the free versions is that once you’ve turned over all the cards in the auxiliary pile, you can’t turn them over again, so you have to plan every move smartly.

The goal of the game

The goal is simple, just like in free Solitaire you have to move as many cards as possible to the top pile and for each card you place you earn a coin. The winnings accumulate all the time, so when you reach a winning that is greater than your bet, you can if you want to end the game and withdraw the winnings.

A walk-through of the game

My bet is 1.04. so for each card that I move up to the top pile, I get 0.10 for it.

Solitaire for real money game play

The first win after moving the ace of spades to the top pile gives me 0.10 in winnings.

Solitaire for real money win 0.10

3 aces, 2 deuces, 2 threes and a 4 moved to the top pile and a total win of 0.80 is available. As you can see, my win of 0.80 is less than my bet of 1.04 so therefore I want to keep playing until I have a bigger win than the bet.

Solitaire online win 0.80

If you cannot make any more moves, you must end the game and lose the bet minus your winnings. In this case, I lose 0.24 in this round because no more cards can be moved.

Solitaire game over win

If you manage to line up all the cards in the top 4 piles, the game ends automatically and you get the maximum win. In some cases, you cannot end the game even though you have turned over all the cards and can then choose to end the game. In this case, you will get to keep the winnings you have accumulated until you finish the game.

Where can you play Solitaire online for real money?

Solitaire may be one of the world’s most popular games online, but Solitaire for real money is not nearly as common, on the contrary, it is a rare game created by the developers NYX and which can only be found at a few online casinos. A good NZ casino that offers this game is Yeti casino which you can read more about via the link below or visit directly to play.

Casinos with Solitaire for real money

Tips for playing Solitaire online for real money:

  • You can use hint when you play Soliatire for real money just like you do when you play Soliatire for free. Click on the “Hint” button and a possible move will flash. If “End game” flashes when you click on the hint, it means that no more moves are possible during this round. Hint dont coast extra!
  • You can only UNDO one round.
  • Turn over as many cards from the board as possible before turning over an extra card, as you cannot turn over extra cards more than once.



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