Imagine a warehouse design process everyone can get behind. In today’s modern supply chains, warehouse operational managers and stakeholders have settled for outdated and problematic warehouse designs. In fact, many warehouses haven’t changed since their original designs years ago, even as the requirements of those warehouses have evolved.

Too often, warehouse leaders grow accustomed to business as usual when they are missing out on potential efficiencies or even failing to take action to remedy growing problems. Concerns about costs, labor and changes in management requirements associated with designing or redesigning their warehouses or even individual warehouse elements may also prevent them from acting. 

But when order volumes grow, outdated warehouses quickly become bottlenecks for productivity. This has been especially challenging among warehouse managers already struggling with labor shortages, where outdated warehouses are not digitized or automated to make up for those shortcomings. 

Fortunately, there is an untapped design method that can help warehouse leaders transform their current layouts to better suit their requirements. Introducing: The 3P Design Method — a much easier, faster and more effective approach to warehouse design. 

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