Scanned PDF documents are a common technique to digitize documents. But they’re not editable. You might want to copy-paste, format, and add or delete content, but converting your PDF to Word is impossible.

That’s when OCR software like Nanonets’ PDF to Word tools come in handy. Let’s see how you can convert scanned PDF to word in 3 clicks.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to Word Documents Online?

1. Go to Nanonets PDF to Text Converter.

2. Upload your file or drag and drop it into the tool.

3. Now, you can download your text file easily.

Why use Nanonets to convert Scanned PDF to Word?

Nanonets is AI-based OCR software that can extract text from PDFs with 98%+ accuracy. It’s easy to use, simple to set up (takes <15 minutes), and does the job perfectly.

You can use Nanonets PDF to word converter to

  • Process large PDF files instantly – Convert large scanned PDFs to Word instantly.
  • Extract text from scanned PDFs – Extract handwritten text, numbers or text from scanned PDFs.

Is Nanonets PDF to Word free to use?

Yes, Nanonets PDF to Word is completely free to use. You can extract data from scanned PDFs for free. You can also create a free account on Nanonets to use no-code workflows to automate repetitive tasks like document upload, pre-processing, data entry, and more. Apart from this, on your free trial, you can extract barcodes, handwritten text, tables, metadata, and more from your Scanned PDFs.

Nanonets – Enterprise PDF processing platform

Nanonets provides completely customized solutions for enterprises looking to convert scanned PDF to Word documents on a large scale. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to our team.

Nanonets can automate any kind of manual PDF process:

And more.

Nanonets is an online OCR software; therefore, you can use all the features from your browser without downloading anything.

It is a perfect option for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their document processes. Apart from these, here are some reasons to go for Nanonets as your next PDF processing platform:

  • 1 Day Setup
  • Free Migration Assistance
  • Free Trial
  • 24×7 Support
  • No-code intelligent automation
  • The dedicated customer success manager
  • Cloud and On-premise hosting
  • SOC2 and GDPR compliance platform
  • Automated Audit Trail
  • Automated Payments Platform
  • 5000+ integrations
  • Trusted by 500+ enterprises
  • Works with 200+ Languages
  • No post-processing required

Do you want to automate any document processes in your organization? We would love to understand your issues and help you rectify them quickly. Book a free consultation call with our automation experts.

Or you can explore Nanonets by starting a free trial. No credit card required.


How do I convert a scanned PDF to editable?

You can use Nanonets PDF to word tool to make your scanned PDFs editable in 4 steps. Open Nanonets PDF to Word tool > Upload your files> Click Convert> Download your text file. 

Can I convert scanned PDF to word?

Yes, you can convert scanned PDF to word using Nanonets PDF to text tool. Simply open Nanonets PDF to text tool> Upload your PDF file> Click Convert and Download your text file. Nanonets will convert your PDF into editable text format in seconds. 

How can I extract text from a scanned PDF?

You can use OCR software, like Nanonets, to convert text from a scanned PDF into text format that can be edited easily. Simple use Nanonets PDF to text converter tool. Upload your scanned PDF to convert it into text. It also converts handwritten text into editable digital text. 

How do I convert a scanned document to text?

Using an online PDF-to-text OCR tool, you can convert a scanned document to text. Online OCR tools, like Nanonets PDF to text can convert scanned PDFs containing text or handwritten text into txt format.