Volatility indicates how frequently players can expect to win as well as how much money they can expect to win. The three different tiers of volatility that may be found in slots include low, medium, and high.

High volatility slots
High volatility slots

The major online casino platforms provide slot games with varying degrees of difficulty.

In this article, we will go further into the topic of high-volatility slot machines and which games provide high volatility.

Best High volatility slots

  • Bee Hive Bonanza

    Max win 5000x
    Max bet 200
    Min bet 010

  • Max win 10000x
    Max bet 200
    Min bet 0.20

  • Max win 10000x
    Max bet 200
    Min bet 0.20

  • Florageddon!

    Max win €2,000,000
    Max bet 100
    Min bet 0.20

  • Gonzo’s Gold

    Max win 6500x
    Max bet 200
    Min bet 0.10

  • Max win x25000
    Max bet 30
    Min bet 0.10

  • Pachin Girl

    Max win € 24 300
    Max bet 75
    Min bet 0.1

  • Snakearena

    Max win 2758X
    Max bet 100
    Min bet 0.10

  • Starburst Xxxtreme

    Max win 200000X the bet
    Max bet £0.10
    Min bet £100

  • Volatile Vikings 2

    Max win 10.000x
    Max bet 100
    Min bet 0.10

How does it work?

A greater level of volatility is equivalent to a higher level of risk while playing in online casinos. This is due to the fact that there are fewer payments overall, but each one is far greater.

Therefore, if everything falls into place perfectly, you discover that you’ve earned a considerable reward. Players that choose games in which they have the potential to earn substantial sums of money gravitate toward them.

When you have a lot of time on your hands and a lot of cash on hand, the optimum time to play games with high volatility is when you have both. You need to have a good deal of patience.

Players also should know that there won’t be much activity taking place while you wait for the major bonus features to activate at the precise moment that will allow you to refill your bankroll.

It’s also a smart idea if you have a considerable budget and don’t mind leaving the game after you’ve spent the amount you had planned to spend on it.

Players require patience while playing high-volatility games as they need to wait for huge payouts at a single time.

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High Vs Low volatility

Games with high volatility have fewer opportunities to win with any given combination, but the prizes are much more valuable. Similarly, the term “low volatility games” refers to video slots that have a relatively limited potential for large winnings yet provide fewer pay lines.

Volatility determines the chances of winning a jackpot, the amount of prize money, and any other factors while playing in a physical casino or online.

Slot machines with low volatility are those that make payouts often and in modest sums. It’s possible that the largest prize won’t be all that impressive, but the fact that there will be so many smaller prizes is definitely a plus for players.

Low-volatility games usually attract players that occasionally play for fun. They are free to enter and exit these slots on several occasions without necessarily being subjected to significant shifts in the results from one session to the next.

However, slots players with more experience, as well as those with larger wallets, may prefer the challenges presented by high-volatility slots.

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High volatility and RTP

The term “Return to Player,” abbreviated as RTP refers to the percentage of stakes given back to players after participating in a particular casino game.

RTP is similar to volatility in that it just reflects an average and does not guarantee outcomes. Players need to read the terms and conditions in addition to the paytable in order to have a better understanding of the RTP and volatility that can be found in various online casinos.

Therefore, this ensures that the player understands the level of volatility and RTP while considering a strategy to bet with.


What distinguishes volatility from RTP?

Volatility is unique to slot games and does not apply to table games. Also, RTP is usually in the form of a percentage.

What exactly is casino game volatility?

Volatility describes the degree of danger connected with a casino game. It describes the frequency and amount of expected wins.

Where can I determine a game’s volatility?

Any game’s volatility may be determined by examining its paytable. You will also find answers in all the reviews that you will find here with us.

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