Here’s Why Crypto Prices Are Pumping as Bitcoin, Solana, and Meme Kombat See Significant Gains

The crypto market is seeing a broad rally today, with Bitcoin (BTC) surging past $28,000 and Solana (SOL) gaining over 6%.

A new meme coin, Meme Kombat (MK), is also making waves in its presale as investors regain their appetite for speculative altcoins.

With prices across crypto assets on the rise, some investors are beginning to wonder if this could mark the beginning of the next bull cycle.

Bitcoin on Rollercoaster Ride After False ETF Approval Rumors

It’s been a crazy 24 hours for Bitcoin holders, with the coin’s value experiencing a high level of volatility.

Since Sunday afternoon, BTC has risen over 4% – yet was up by almost 12% at one point.

Bitcoin reversed these gains after BlackRock revealed that its application for a spot BTC ETF was still under review.

Earlier in the day, rumours spread that BlackRock had been cleared by the SEC to launch its ETF, sparking a sharp rally.

However, these rumours proved false, prompting the BTC price to drop back down and erase some of its earlier gains.

Though the news turned out to be premature, it underscores the potential impact an actual spot BTC ETF approval could have on the coin’s price.

For now, traders remain on edge amidst continued volatility, with over $100 million in shorts being liquidated due to the false ETF approval news.

Solana Surges on FTX Staking News as Bulls Take Control

The Solana price is also seeing an uptick, rising over 7% in the past 24 hours and hitting the $23 level.

Investor sentiment was buoyed after the FTX bankruptcy estate was revealed to be staking over 5.5 million SOL tokens, signalling strong institutional belief in the network.

SOL had been rangebound between $21 and $22 since Tuesday before today’s bullish breakout.

The technicals also point to further upside, with SOL rejecting the 50-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) as support and breaking above the 200-day EMA.

However, SOL is now facing resistance around $24, where the token struggled during the first week of October.

If the price can break above this level, it could pave the way for SOL to return to August’s highs.

With SOL trading volume up a whopping 258% in the past 24 hours, all signs indicate a strong bullish trend that could propel the token higher in the coming days.

New Gaming Coin Meme Kombat Sees Presale Frenzy Amid Crypto Market Rally

As major cryptos like Bitcoin and Solana continue pumping, another project seeing significant momentum is the new gaming meme coin Meme Kombat (MK), currently in its presale phase.

Despite launching less than one month ago, Meme Kombat has already raised over $540,000 as investors flock to secure MK tokens before the platform’s official release.

A key reason for this early interest is Meme Kombat’s unique use cases, which allow token holders to stake their MK and bet on AI-powered virtual battles between famous meme characters.

Additionally, presale buyers can immediately begin staking their tokens to earn yields as high as 112% per year.

This unique combination of gaming, wagering, and staking provides multiple ways for MK holders to potentially profit.

Notably, 50% of the total MK supply has been set aside for presale participants, with early adopters able to get involved for just $0.125 per token.

A further 10% of the token supply is earmarked to provide DEX liquidity – ensuring a stable trading environment once MK debuts on Uniswap following the presale’s conclusion.

Given the project’s substantial utility and tokenomics, it’s no surprise that high-profile crypto influencers like Michael Wrubel have recently endorsed Meme Kombat.

MK is also ranked as one of the top upcoming ICOs on ICOBench, adding further credibility to its early promise.

Interested investors can buy MK tokens directly through using either ETH or USDT.



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