hamster on rails
Hamster on Rails is on Xbox

They are cute, cuddly, curious and chubby and now there’s a game focused on them. Yep, Hamster on Rails releases on Xbox. This looks to be utterly joyful too. 

A cute, cuddly puzzler

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is Hamster on Rails. A game from the DX Gameworks team and priced at £12.49, you’ll be tasked with helping save the most beloved of towns – Hamster Village. 

It places you in the shoes of a railroad builder, left to place pieces of track around a series of diorama levels. The plan is that this track will help your little hamster mates get to safety, hunting down treasures and the like as they go. 

Honestly, we’ve never heard of Hamster on Rails previously, but it seems like launches on other formats have gone down fairly well. In fact, hit up Steam and you’ll find a small, but positive community. We’re hoping that the move to Xbox will help push this to a new dimension. 

Features include

With cute and cuddly little mates in tow, this problem-solving puzzler comes complete with a host of features… 

  • Use different pieces to build railroads and overcome obstacles to solve fun challenges. Use levers to change the direction of the tracks and buttons to activate or deactivate different mechanisms, such as doors and traps.
  • Help your friends along the way, find hidden chests, and earn new looks. Dress your hamster up as a strawberry, striped, or even spotted like a cow.
  • With cute characters, “Hamster on Rails” is a fun and challenging problem-solving game that will put your skills to the test. Your Hamster will have several ways to interact such as the construction mode, interaction mode, x-ray, and turbo.

Buy now!

Hamster on Rails is one that we cannot wait to get hands-on with. We’ll be delivering a review as soon as we’ve taken it in on Xbox. 

If you are equally as intrigued, head over to the Xbox Store and take in a download. Hamster on Rails is playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You’ll find it on other formats too. 

Hamster on Rails on Xbox Game Description

In “Hamster on Rails”, you will join the best and bravest railroad builder on an incredible journey to search for precious minerals and save the beloved Hamster Village. Travel through four intriguing worlds, such as a forest, a desert, and even the medieval era, in a total of 64 challenging stages.

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