Help restore memories and bring peace to the world in Heirs of the Kings

Heirs of the Kings Xbox

Just like the main protagonist in this next game, my wife is called Laura who regularly forgets things. Unlike the main protagonist in this next game, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world if my wife forgets I am heading out for a few drinks tonight. At least, it doesn’t spell disaster for anyone outside of our house. Inside though… Heirs of the Kings is out today on Xbox and PC.

In Heirs of the Kings you play as Grant, who has taken it upon himself to protect Laura and get to the bottom of her amnesia. Or rather selective amnesia, as she can still manage to cook up a spell or two and cause destruction against the enemies you encounter in this latest JRPG from KEMCO.

This will mean once again all the hallmarks of JRPG goodness will be in Heirs of the Kings. Turn based battles, weapons customisation, dungeons and world maps, plus levelling up via a system called Soul Maps. If I told you that Soul Maps looked identical to the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X that should help explain how that works a little bit better.

Heirs of the Kings is on the Xbox Store now priced at £12.49. As is standard with KEMCO games, there are some helpful DLC extras to make you enjoy the story a little bit more. This time around you have the following:

Our review is on the way very soon to see how this compares with the variety of other KEMCO releases. If you cant wait that long though, let us know in the comments below when you will be grabbing this latest JRPG.

Game description

When Laura, a girl who has lost her memory, is being pursued by unknown soldiers, Grant enters in action to protect her only to find out about the danger the world is in from the Forces of Darkness, and sets off on a journey. How can Laura use such high-level magic? This is a story of destiny, and encounters between those with the blood of the rulers in them! Strengthen character abilities as you desire with unique Soul Maps, and customize weapons to be prepared for turn-based battles. Arenas are available around the world to test your strength and tactics!



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