Harvest those puzzles in Cube Farmer on Xbox

cube farmer

We’ve watched the trailer and we’ve seen the screenshots. We’ve even had a little look at the Steam page, where the game has picked up some pretty decent reviews since PC launch. From all that, we’ve concluded that Cube Farmer is going to totally mess with our minds. All we want to do is grow some crops.

Out right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, fully optimised for the new-gen consoles is Cube Farmer, a little cube-moving puzzler which looks to be as delicate as it does crafty. 

Priced up at £4.19 and rolling out to the world via the Colossus Game Studio team – they recently behind Dobo’s Heroes – Cube Farmer throws you into a series of ever-increasingly tricky-to-solve puzzles, as you are left to navigate a little blocks (or blocks) across obstacle-filled stages. Do so and your crops will grow healthy. Fail, and you’ll be left to fight through a winter of discontent.

With forty levels included in Cube Farmer, the cost-to-content ratio is decent on this one, and we’d guess that being able to shift those blocks around later levels will be a good old test of the mind. When you include the low-poly visual look, the original soundtrack and the opportunity to waste a few minutes of your time with each stage, it surely all points to Cube Farmer being one to consider. 

Cube Farmer is available for download from the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, whilst it is also over on PC through Steam

Let us know if you decide to grab this one. 

Game Description:

Embark on this memorable experience with a great and relaxing soundtrack and a beautiful view that will get you extremely satisfied. You are responsible for irrigating the plantation on the islands. To do that, put the water cubes correctly in the indicated position to make the crops grow healthily.

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