Mobile app development is the action of developing mobile apps for mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and other personal assisting digital technologies.

A vast majority of these gadgets are working with operating systems Android or iOS, with market share accordingly 73% and 27%.

How are mobile apps developed?

For Android mobile app development we have its official language Java. Almost all of the applications on PlayStore are made with the help of Java language which then became the most supported programming language for Google. This is also considered to be one of the most complicated programming languages, that’s why mobile app development problems can easily be solved with its help.

But nowadays another powerful language has come to the platform to replace Java for mobile app development: Kotlin. This is an alternative programming language for app development to replace Java, being used by Android. Kotlin is much simpler than Java, that’s why Android decided to take it as the official Android programming language in 2019.

Actually, there is not any very specific language for Android development. Languages such as C++, Python, Java Script, HTML and others are used for the creation and development of Android apps varying from different aspects of applications’ uses. Applications such as messengers, photo and video editors, music players and other kinds are easily created in all the languages mentioned, based on how complex it is.

As for iOS the language used is completely different. For Apple products, the programming language is Swift. It helps create apps that run with the speed of light. We should take into account the safety it offers, it eliminates all the possible unsafe code classes. This is iOS’s main programming language since 2014, and a noteworthy fact is that Swift was created by Apple, so it meets all the requirements of iOS. According to iOS developers, Swift helps to create apps relatively quickly, it is easy to learn and it is regularly updated which helps to make app developments easily.

Why develop mobile apps?

Building and developing mobile apps has become a different kind of priority for many companies despite the difficulties they face between different lines. Benefits of special app development should be taken from a deep strategic analysis.Some apps require annual development, some monthly, and some follow the needs of users.Use Instagram management analyses statistics to make sure IG account holders do not miss any trend use, design needs or renovations of the app.

Development tools are specified for Android and for iOS based on the programming languages we have been speaking about. Having mobile software has become a necessity for a lot of companies, so the possession and development should be taken into action based on the strategies companies have and therefore specified advantages and disadvantages.

Apps demonstrate some kind of level of performance due to the specified platform it has been optimized for. Apps respond fast: they are made for covering some specific needs for a specified platform. Let’s have a look at some examples. We have never had a chance to save thumbnails from YouTube directly from its web platform or application. But the need always existed. So, some companies understood the need well and invested in creation for an application for YouTube thumbnail download.

While some companies are working on development of already existing applications, others analyse client retention well and bring new values in the world of apps. Better examples are the applications that are based on the folder, so said folder- based app investments on PlayStore. All of us have surely seen those kinds of apps that suggest a full package of any educational sphere. For example, business interested people are invited to download an application that contains video learnings and evaluations. And one major element as well: companies analyse well the needs of their clients, future targets and segments. With the investment of online shops due to mobile app developments, people are more likely to start a business for the base platform already given to them as well as by having solved a lot of problems such as tax payment problems, targeted audience, journal solutions, etc. As well as investors and already account holders meet their content production on the app platforms.

Bringing more interactivity is a goal for a lot of companies such as selecting already specified segments and then specifying a target to meet their needs. Apps are for the use of the clients, so their future developments must have the base of users’ needs. Apps should be an integrative part of a device, so that users find it enjoyable and effective.

Apps have the ability of accessing the hardware of any device or gadget, for example accessing camera, contacts, calendar and many other sections of your phone after the installation of the application. Paying application based companies use buyer personas for classification of the users who pay for the usage of the app for better classement and having them as strategy process making integrative part. As well as development updates are being informed directly to their users with the help of sms integration to show the users their importance and invite them to try the renewed one.

9 specified mobile app development steps

1. Market research

All the developing steps should have the base of the right market research based on activities your company wants to run. Analytic tools take a big part in decision- making instruments as we talk about strategy. Research will give you all the answers about competitors, their strategy, about users, how to make the right segmentation and decide the target. Outlining well the strengths and weaknesses, you will make options to exceed other companies as a new business.

Customer reviews and feedback are always pro for the right decision making strategy. It also helps you to understand what are the values that you are going to change or add.

2. Defining and targeting audience

As we have already mentioned above, targeting is critically important for the clients retention. You get the answer about the functionality updates needed as well as the appreciation of the want to use. By targeting, you make your company’s goal clear and invest the right resources for the realisation. It can also help you in your user acquisition as well as successful marketing strategies.

Your company’s image comes right from the goal achievement; do they take the benefits you have been planning for?

So, by defining and targeting, you meet the needs of media platform users, make your goal clear and work for beneficial satisfaction.

3. Is the app going to be paid by users?

Based on the content you are going to suggest, you decide whether your app is going to be a free-using one or be paid by users. Paid apps are revenue sources, and are mostly premium, ad-free apps that suppose a completely different platform and superior value system for the users. If your app is to be used with special software, make sure you implement proper SaaS metrics and features from the software itself. This will turn your product into a whole.

Free using apps have their pro versions for which users pay and the company generates income. Some extra parts are added in the app including content and features. Subscriptions are playing a major role and make segments bigger.

4. Application programming language

We managed to discuss what the programming language is, what types exist, what are their benefits and which operating systems prefer. By choosing an app- language, specialists take into consideration the abilities of it for working on faster, trustworthy and reliable language. App’s platform support, distribution and access are decided by the power of language used.

5. Pre-launch your app

Define well your branding: find the right logo, colors, presentations and influencers; do not mess with the image of a brand. Make sure to use paid ads, Facebook sponsored posts, and special Instagram hashtags to let everyone know about your upcoming app. Pay attention to the content you suggest, it shows a part of the value given to a user.

By creating beta options for an app, specialists take the advantage to add the features they want to launch in the main app. They suggest the betta usage for the account holders, who meet new features earlier than others, give their reviews and feedback which later help to evaluate the program.

6. Make your app image clear on the platform

Mobile app users download their apps from AppStore and from PlayStore. They pay huge attention to the presented image of the app.

  • What kind of logo does it have?
  • Do the colors match the app?
  • Do app screenshots show highlighted benefits?
  • Does the app have the right description?
  • Do app developed changes highlight changes and values?
  • Does the inserted video summarize all the app features?

7. Pay attention to the security

Security has an important role in app usage. It summarizes account holders’ rights, their personal information, tracking, terms and conditions section’s conservation. You may need legal consulting, implementing safety measures in the app. Your app holder’s data is an important asset and it plays a giant role for your company’s trust. Once other sections, elements and developments are easy to change with user offers, the trust image can be hardly recovered.

8. Bases and resources

Despite the language bases we discuss, other bases and app generating resources should be taken into account. Besides the assets we pay attention to as important resources like the budget, we must follow what happens in the fields of legal affairs, politics, environment, society, and monetization. Those are world changing bases that we can not rule, change. The only thing left is to make the best strategy that meets all the needs followed by the world changing bases. Concentrate on app developers, who analyse and discover the most important elements for the app’s progress. Track the employee onboarding process, make notes about professionals, pay attention to their further records and make sure you find fellow training for higher levels.

9. Keep tracking development stages

Each of the points from one to eight is extremely important for having the right strategy development process. Violating the importance of any element playing an important role both for your company’s and app’s value, image can bring critical consequences. Mobile apps are used by the vast majority of the world and demand a time- to- time developing process. Making the right strategy will help you have specified and categorized decision making guided development processes.