Thinking outside the box

In a creative marketing move, an NFL legend who made his name catching the ball will step outside his comfort zone in a live field goal challenge during FanDuel’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial on February 12.

will win FanDuel bettors $10m in free bets

If Rob Gronkowski sails his kick through the posts, the ex-New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star will win FanDuel bettors $10m in free bets. Gronk took to Twitter to post a promotional video of the challenge on Monday:

Dubbed the ‘Kick of Destiny,’ the challenge will see recently retired Gronkowski attempt a 25-yard field goal during a live Super Bowl LVII commercial in the third quarter. If he connects, any FanDuel bettor who placed a bet of $5 or more on the big game will win a share of $10m in free bets.

FanDuel goes big

Commenting on the ‘Kick of Destiny,’ FanDuel executive vice president of marketing Andrew Sneyd said the firm ditched the conventional ad approach for “a bold brand act […] where we could all cheer for the same thing.”

Sneyd said the field goal attempt would result in “100 million people all cheering for Gronk,” with the exec adding that the challenge will take place on a field in Arizona near Glendale’s State Farm Stadium. Fox and NFL have agreed to cut live to the Arizona location for 30 seconds so the challenge can take place.

Gronk will train with the NFL’s all-time leading scorer, ex-placekicker Adam Vinatieri, in the five weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. According to Sneyd, the five-time NFL Pro-Bowler was “up for the challenge right away.” Sneyd added Gronk’s sole request was:

that he gets to wear a one-bar helmet for the first time in his life.”

Anticipation building

With Super Wild Card Weekend starting on Saturday, plenty of twists and turns likely lie ahead before the two finalists face each other in Arizona. Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills are favorites to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy in 2023.

FanDuel is ready to capitalize on the excitement leading up to the event. During Super Bowl week in Arizona, fans can interact with many aspects of the ‘Kick of Destiny’ campaign, including a field goal challenge at the Super Bowl Experience in Phoenix where fans over the age of 21 can win a $25 free bet.