Google presenting guidelines for a new structured data markup feature to highlight job postings that offer a simple online application process.

Google has announced a new feature to the job listing structured data and renewed its editorial guidelines for job postings that allow prospects to apply directly on the employer’s website.

Google Announcement-

“Today we are announcing a new structured data property and new editorial content policy.”

Google is authorizing a new editorial content policy to users for knowing the content of the job posting and directly apply for a job.

Let’s resemble the new structured data markup property.

Innovative Direct Apply Markup For Job Property

Google added a new direct apply property to the job posting structured data markup. This property allows employers to share if there’s an option for prospective employees to directly apply for the job on their website.

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Google defines a direct apply experience in terms of the actions that are desirable from the user to apply to the job. This means that a user is given a short and simple application process on your page without unnecessary intermediate steps. If the user has to click apply, complete an application form, sign in or log in more than once in the application journey, it means that you aren’t giving a direct apply experience.

Here is a sample of the methods for direct apply:


New Editorial Content Policy For Job Posting

Google has renewed and added new guidelines for job postings in Google Search. This new editorial content policy includes guidance around obstructive text and images, unnecessary and distractive ads, or content that doesn’t add any value to the job posting. Google claims that job postings also follow basic grammar rules, such as proper capitalization.

  • Why The change?

Google stated these new guidelines will help the search company “improve the quality of our results and develop new functionality within the product.”

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Google advises the following top tips to organizations to improve job seeker trust and potentially attract more applicants:

  • No Scammy Or Spammy Job Posts On Your Website:

Verify that no job listings represent scams or spam. Listings must represent real job openings.

  • Assure Good User Experience:

Websites with bad user experience are those that ask for user information when it’s not necessary, have bad quality pages, or have complex application processes. Poor user experience also overcomes application completion rate.


Don’t leave a job post open if it is no longer taking new applications. Settling on an expired job post, especially after a few redirects, is a very nullify experience.

  • Make Genuine Job Post Dates:

Don’t conceal old jobs as new ones and don’t update the Date Posted property if there was no change to the job post.

  • No Wrong Or Misleading Information:

This includes incorrect salary, location, working hours, employment type, or other job-specific details.

Google provides job posters time to prepare for these new guideline changes. Google’s new editorial content policy for the job posting will execute on October 1, 2021.

Reference: Google Blog