dolphin spirit keyart

The last time we went under the waves for an educational gaming experience, it was with Beyond Blue. We can’t say we learnt a great deal, but we did at least have fun. But very soon we’ll be heading into the big blue sea once again for more learnings, as Microids and Magic Pockets deliver Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission to the world. 

An educational adventure that promises to take players off to the island of Maupiroa, Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission focuses on a land that is threatened by pollution, on its knees, waiting for impending disaster. It’s here where you will explore the world around you, accompanied by little Keanu (no, not him), your little dolphin pal, checking out Maupiroa’s seabed and becoming one with its inhabitants. 

Your main aim will be to stop the environmental disaster that is close to unfolding, restoring the ecosystem to its previous abundant life. But there will be surprises, as folklore, traditional tales and utter fantasy all combine. 

Due to launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch come September 28th 2023, Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission looks to be a game full of interest and intrigue, as you embark on this adventure, take in a ton of secrets and uncover a host of hidden treasures. With a deep codex at play, only you will be able to save the marine life of Maupiroa. 

When it arrives in September, the key features of Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission will include:

  • An original story filled with mystery and magic
  • A fun way to learn about ecology with well-researched information
  • A codex to complete to learn more about the different marine species
  • Wild and colorful landscapes to explore

Considering the teams at Microids and Magic Pockets have worked closely with experts from Cetasea – an association looking to create a European network of marine mammals and helping ensure accuracy – this is one that we are pretty excited to try. 

We’ll keep you looped as to how the release of Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC will look come this September. 

For now, let us know what you think by dropping into the comments.