Get your hands dirty with House Flipper – Farm on Xbox and PlayStation

house flipper farm
Get down to the farm with House Flipper

Whilst we find it very hard indeed to tire of the intricate house-building action found in House Flipper’s base game, sometimes we yearn for something different. House Flipper’s DLC line-up has so far featured the introduction of pets, a trip to the garden, and one for fans of luxury. Now, it is time to take to the farm in House Flipper – Farm DLC!

Thousands of Items!

Available now on Xbox and PlayStation (a first foray onto consoles following the April 2023 PC launch), House Flipper – Farm adds a whopping 1850+ farm-themed items to your sandbox.

With the ability to create homesteads, barns and many more buildings exactly yo your liking, seven farm animals to look after and reap the benefits of, and six crops to carefully manage, this can truly become the farm of your dreams. 

Taking cues from PowerWash Simulator, many aspects of House Flipper – Farm DLC are designed with a hands-on approach in mind. Those trees won’t cut themselves down for firewood, and your animals will need to be fed regularly to stay happy and healthy.

Key Features

  • 11 unique story orders!
  • 11 farm properties in a unique environment!
  • 5 empty plots for you to build on!
  • 9 exciting mechanics, including the possibility of building extensions of your house!
  • Over 1850 farm-themed items!
  • 7 farm animals such as cows, sheep, chickens, and more!
  • 6 animal products and 6 types of crop plants that you need to take care of!

And multiple new tools

  • Architect tool – allows you to extend your houses and create houses from scratch
  • Drone – enables to take breathtaking aerial shots and water crops
  • Grappling hook – allows one to get into high places and work out of there
  • Paint gun – makes painting the outside walls faster and more comfortable
  • Chainsaw – enables cutting the trees faster
  • Hoe – enables cultivating, weeding, or loosening the earth around plants
  • Buying, changing, and repairing roofs
  • Horse riding
  • Cultivation of crops, which includes buying and planting seeds, watering, harvesting, and a possible sale of the ripe harvest
  • Raising farm animals
  • Dynamic weather system
  • … and many more!

Play Today!

House Flipper’s latest DLC package is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC. You can purchase it on the Xbox Store for £16.74.

There are also a couple of bundles to consider. You’ve got the Farm Bundle that brings together the base game with the Farm expansion for £33.49. And you’ve got the Farm Pets Bundle for £49.99 – that throws in House Flipper – Pets for good measure. 

Obviously you’ll need the base game of House Flipper to hand. If you’ve not yet played it, our review of House Flipper on Xbox is well worth taking in.

Game Description

It’s time to roll up your sleeves in Farm DLC! 

Firstly, feed your animals, then start expanding your house, we need more space! 

Don’t forget about watering the cornfields, seems like the crops will be plentiful this year!” 

The Cows Go Moo! 

Experience fresh farm vibes, thanks to the latest addition to the House Flipper family. 

Let your surroundings be filled with the sounds of the life of your animal companions! 

Build homesteads and look after swine, sheep, chickens, and more! 

Your very own farming adventure begins now!




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