Desert Water Games has released their latest game, The Excrawlers, on Xbox and PC.

Now available for purchase via the Xbox Store either in Xbox form or that of PC, The Excrawlers promises to be an action-packed adventure for fans of dungeon crawlers. And it just so happens to come with a super cheap price point to tempt you in even more. 

In The Excrawlers, players take on the role of an adventurer who has been tasked with exploring a dangerous and mysterious dungeon. As they navigate through the winding corridors and deadly traps, they must battle ferocious monsters and uncover the secrets of the dungeon’s past.

The idea is to try and find out how and why you got there, taking in the challenges it offers and beating back a host of the most deadly of bosses as you go. With roguelike elements in place, you can be sure that The Excrawlers will be keen on switching things up as you go. 

A price of £4.19, with a launch discount dropping that down to £3.35 for an initial period, makes The Excrawlers super interesting – the question is, can you make your way out of this prison realm safely?

We’ll run full review and let you know how The Excrawlers plays on Xbox in the days ahead. You can grab a copy of the game for yourself by hitting up the Xbox Store, grabbing an Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (optimised) version of the game. There’s also a Store page up for the Windows 10 flavour

Game Description:

Excrawlers is an action-RPG rougelike game in which you and other heroes will embark into the atmospheric dungeons and realms full of monsters and madness. Find out how you got here, complete all the challenges and defeat five deadly bosses to be able to escape this prison realm!