the sisters 2 road to fame keyart

Back in 2021, The Sisters threw the Party of the Year. Now they are looking to get fully on trend, as The Sisters 2 – Road to Fame is announced. 

Working as the highly anticipated (in some parts) sequel to what was provided in The Sisters – Party of the Year a few years back, The Sisters 2 – Road to Fame sees Microids allowing players to head off on all-new adventures, as they take in the open-world party genre in a way that has never previously been allowed. 

Whether they go it alone or join up with friends, players looking to drop into the world of The Sisters with The Sisters 2 – Road to Fame will get the opportunity to take in a brand new, highly original story that has been inspired by the universe built through The Sisters brand. For those unaware, this is a rather successful comic series, where the most creative ideas become the most silly. 

Mini-games await those in The Sisters 2 – Road to Fame, as do a host of quests, missions and the like, all as players go about proving themselves as the superstar of the networks. Promising double the trouble and double the fun, if you’re a fan of The Sisters or just want to see how things have progressed since that Party of the Year, The Sisters 2 – Road to Fame should be one to keep an eye on later in 2023, as it releases on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

The story begins when you and your favourite sister are gifted a tablet to reward your good grades. Your sister immediately creates an account on a trendy social network, not only to share her adventures with her best friends, but also for something else… As your beloved yet mischievous sister, she wants to surpass the fame of your own account to become the new popular influencer in town. And now our favourite Sisters will have to compete in a frenzied race for followers!

The key features of the game will include:

  • Explore the town with its new places and upgraded designs, meet the inhabitants and take up all the challenges of the 24 super-influencers in town in the Adventure Mode!
  • 24 crazy new mini-games to beat the scores: Toma-throw, Laser game, Blop-blop diving, Crazy cooking…
  • Enjoy the 4 multiplayers modes to challenge your friends and you family.
  • Collect all the gift cards by completing all the missions, unlock stylish items and custom your Sister to become the fanciest!
  • Replay the game endlessly as Marine or Wendy and try to unlock the secret ending…

The Sisters 2- Road to Fame looks set to become available in Fall 2023, in both a physical and digital fashion on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Us Xbox folk will be able to get involved digitally on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC/MAC.

Will you be taking the road to fame?