Get a brew on with Cafe Owner Simulator on Xbox

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The RockGame team have found a niche for themselves in the ‘Simulator’ market, with various games covering multiple angles. Today they make moves with what could be the most exciting yet, releasing Cafe Owner Simulator onto Xbox. 

Having previously tested console sim waters with Thief Simulator, Prison Simulator and Tank Mechanic Simulator (yeah we know, niche), RockGame are back with Cafe Owner Simulator. It’s a game that will, well, let you live out your dreams of being a cafe owner. What’s not to like?

Make a brew with Cafe Owner Simulator

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (fully optimised too), Cafe Owner Simulator lets you open a cafe in your own name. From deciding on how it will look, to hiring the best chefs and staff, to drawing in the customers, if it’s cafe related, you’ll be getting on with it. 

It comes in with a price of £15.74, which places it right in that ‘Is it worth taking a punt’ territory. We’ll let you know in full review once we have got hands on. Before then though, the temptation of sorting out your cafe’s restoration, picking various equipment types and creating your own menu may well appeal. Or maybe you’re just in it to make a fast buck, selling up and moving on as swiftly as you can. 

In Cafe Owner Simulator the options are endless (ish), with all of the following key features sitting in place. 


  • Cleaning and Restoration – When you buy a room for your own restaurant – you will need to free it from trash and make major repairs, it is not an easy task, but what can be better than to clean up the future of a successful restaurant or cafe?
  • Covering Surfaces – After cleaning and repairing – you will have to choose the best wallpaper, carpet or coverings of different materials, this is where your design will begin.
  • Kitchen and equipment – So how do you do without kitchen equipment? Decide on the type of your future establishment and buy all the necessary equipment for it. Also, do not forget to connect it to the outlets.
  • Menu and products – To open a place – you need to add a minimum of 5 dishes to the menu. To prepare these dishes – you’ll need products, you can buy them at the grocery store.
  • Management and employees – The game has a job market. To hire a staff member, pay a headhunter and he will find a marketable staff member for you. Every worker has his own characteristics, so choose the best ones. The higher the characteristics – the higher the salary the worker wants. Over time, the motivation to work decreases – pay bonuses or hire new workers, here the choice is yours.
  • Development of the restaurant, levels – For performing various actions in the game – you earn experience points. When you reach a certain limit – the level grows and you get a lot of opportunities: new furniture and equipment to set up, new dishes on the menu, new features on your tablet, cash rewards and more.
  • Restaurant expansion and new features – Earning money – you will be able to open new areas of your cafe to make all your design ideas come true. In the future it will be possible to build a hotel near the restaurant and create a square for recreation and entertainment of visitors.
  • Duties of a restaurant owner – Like any owner or manager of a restaurant business – there is a lot of work and daily tasks waiting for you. Paying bills, managing employees, ordering food, checking the condition of the equipment and its repair, controlling various pests and cleaning the premises, working at the cash register and at the cafe counter (until you hire employees for this), passing inspections by the fire inspector, setting up and ordering advertising, marketing, if necessary you can take a loan from the bank, but it is better to pay back in time, otherwise there will be problems, and much more.

Download now!

A download of Cafe Owner Simulator on Xbox can be grabbed through the Xbox Store. There’s the individual game download, plus a few bundles that add in other RockGame titles. Tank Cafe will set you back £26.24 and adds in Tank Mechanic Simulator. Prison in Cafe (weird name) introduces Prison Simulator whilst Thief in Cafe does the same with Thief Simulator. They are similarly priced. 

Let us know if RockGame’s sims are to your liking by dropping into the comments. 

Cafe Owner Simulator on Xbox Game Description

Open your dream restaurant at FPP. Create a unique exterior and interior, hire the best workers and chefs, create a place where people will love to eat, spend time and spend their money. Simulation of the restaurant business. We were inspired by sandbox and simulation games, where players can create something of their own, set up processes, develop their creation, put their soul into it and show their creativity. In Cafe Owner Simulator you have such an opportunity, our goal is to give the world a game – in which everyone can realize his dream and open his own restaurant business.



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