Way of the Hunter Free UTV Xbox

Hunting can be a long process. As you use your skills to track the animals it is a game of chase, but one over the course of many hours, and typically at a slower pace too. But with this latest DLC for Way of the Hunter, that game of chase is about to get a whole lot quicker. The Free UTV is out now for Way of the Hunter on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

Way of the Hunter is a hunting simulation game that released in August 2022. Designed solely for current-gen consoles meant that these hunting games look fantastic. As you explore these vast open worlds you may be wondering how to take it all in a bit quicker. Well, do we have the vehicle for you.

The Universal Terrain Vehicle (UTV) is here today for Way of the Hunter to allow you to traverse these worlds at a faster speed. Whether that be to get to your hunt quickly, or just take in the gorgeous scenery, the choice is yours. And you can do it in style with a vehicle designed for all terrain.

Best of all, this free DLC comes in three colour variations for you to choose from.

The clue is in the title here: The Free UTV for Way of the Hunter is on the Xbox Store now. Did we mention it is free? Should we need to mention that you will need to base game for Way of the Hunter? That can be found on the Xbox Store for £34.99. Let us know in the comments below if you will be picking this up.

DLC DescriptionGetting close to your desired hunting grounds can be difficult by car and take forever on foot. This brand new UTV is here to help with its ability to traverse steep slopes and rugged terrain, making it perfect for the hills and vast landscapes of the Nez Perce Valley, Transylvania and more. This free content pack gives you a Universal Terrain Vehicle in three color variations

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/free-dlc-for-way-of-the-hunter/