We currently seem to be at one of those rare times when conditions here in the UK, and of that in Mexico, coincide. In the world of Forza Horizon 5, it is now winter, and that equates to the Dry Season in that strange country. And there seems to be a noticeable lack of rain in this country too!

What it does mean to me, however, is it is time to break out the spanners and get tuning as I attempt to show you what cars and tunes we need for the events that are incoming in the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 22 Winter. 

So without further ado, let’s jump straight in and see what is on the Forza Horizon 5 menu this week. 

Part 1: Weekly Car Challenge – Holden Out For a Hero

That whirring noise you can hear? It’s just Bonnie Tyler spinning in her grave, and the poor lady isn’t even dead!

With the pun writers back on full time duty this week, the subject of our car challenge is an odd one, a Holden Torana A9X from 1977 .Not a car that springs to the front of the mind, is it? Well, being Australian, it is a pretty simple beast, with a massive V8 at the front and RWD to bring a smile to the face.

Should you not have one in your garage, it is available from the Autoshow for a mere 130,000 credits

Chapter 1 -One for the Road

Get in your new car, take it for a spin. Step one complete!

Chapter 2 – Gotta Be Fast

With that 5.0 litre V8 squeezed under the bonnet, this next step should be pretty easy – Do an Ultimate Burnout Skill. Hold the accelerator and do donuts until it pops up.

Chapter 3 – Going on Tour

Now we need to win a Road Race in the Holden. Again, pretty easy in stock trim, but if you want a bit more, I created a tune for this beast. Search for my GT, Red620Ti, and A9X to find it.

Chapter 4 – Bathurst 1000

Apparently, this car used to be so good at racing that it once won a race at Bathurst by 6 clear laps, and set a new lap record in the process. We now have to emulate that feat by beating any Rivals ghost in the car. I did this on a drag course and simply selected the slowest of my friends to go against. I’ve got lots of slow friends…

And with that, the weekly challenge is complete and we are five points closer to the reward cars of Series 22. You like reward cars, yeah? Of course you do. 

Part 2: Weekly Challenges, Championships and PR Stunts

As Winter has arrived, so have a host of new challenges. This week’s collection is as follows…

The Trial – Tune It Up – Datsun 510

The Trial this week sees us limited to only using the Datsun 510, a little box from Japan that showed America it was possible to build a car that didn’t break down every time there was a Y in the day. Of course, BRE racing colours are pretty much mandatory.

The tuning limit for this week is a mere B Class 700, so it isn’t going to be speedy, but my share is called B510.It isn’t awfully fast…

Now, as usual, we need to hopefully find some random players from the internet who wish to practice teamwork. That’s not as easy as you would imagine but jump in and cross the fingers. 

Should we manage to win two out of three races, a lovely Chevy Camaro from 2018 is our reward.

Eventlab 1 – ESGRUMPY  presents Circuito de Mulege – 2 laps

For this event, we need only use an S1 Class 900 car, so I went with the widow maker – the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, with share code : 129256081. Should be grippy enough, right?

This is a pretty good course, to be fair, but a word of caution – there are two bridges to drive over, and you can fall off both. Ask me how I know… [Hey Paul, how’d you know? – Ed]

This is a pretty good circuit race, with a decent flow, so go nuts.

The prize for completing this race is a Donut Media Leaf Cap.

Eventlab 2 – DMFDXGAMER presents Racers in the Mist

For this challenge, we need an Offroad vehicle, and the tuning limit is only B Class 700.

I went with my fave Ranger T6 Rally Raid with share code : 166960440. Despite the blurb accompanying the race talking about using an A Class RS200 to do it in…

The course this time is good fun, and slinging the truck sideways around the corners is always entertaining. A lot better than the last one I drove from this creator. Kudos to them. 

But hey, a new car horn is yours for doing this – a Donut Media “Pop Up Headlights ” horn, no less. Wonder what that sounds like?

PR Stunt 1 – Speed Trap – Callejon

The new vehicles for the PR Stunts this week are all the same class – a car tuned to X Class 999, and of any sort. Now, these things are pretty unruly, so these may take some practice.

I tuned up a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento to do these in, and the share is merely “Sesto”.

The speed we need to achieve here is 175 mph, 

A Super Wheelspin will be yours if you drive fast enough. 

PR Stunt 2 – Speed Zone – Carretera

Average speed is what we are after this time, in the same class of car as before, and so I stayed in the Lambo from above. We need to maintain 180 mph., which is barely walking pace for this car. The road, however, is somewhat curvy, so be careful!

Another Super Wheelspin awaits. 

PR Stunt 3 – Danger Sign – La Cruz

Same class of car, but a different challenge this time – Can you jump about a bit? The distance we need to clear is a respectable 235m, and the car class is the same, so I used the same car. 

What could go wrong with flinging a carbon fibre supercar off a ramp? It’ll buff out.

Yet another Super Wheelspin to add to the pile.

Seasonal Championship 1 – Let’s Be Reasonable

With the words of Clarkson echoing in the distance, we need to use a “Reasonably priced” car for this challenge, to a maximum of C Class 600.

The game doesn’t specify what a “reasonable” price is, so I went with a Honda Civic Type R from 2004, mainly because it is the correct class already without spending any pennies. Stock all the way!

For winning outright solo, or best two out of three in a convoy, we can take home a Nissan GTS-R from 1987.

Seasonal Championship 2 – Muscle Memory

We must drive a Classic Muscle car for this challenge, and tune it to B Class 700. I went with a Camaro Super Sport from 1969, and the share code is : 144142144

We can walk away with another car for coming out on top, a BMW M3 from 2008

forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Camaro
forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Camaro

Part 3: Other Challenges

Series 22 – Winter focuses on the Photo Challene, the Treasure Hunt and more. There’s a bit of Horizon Open to keep us on our toes…

Photo Challenge – #ItsTurboTime

Not too tricky this week – we simply need to take a 1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 at the Horizon Rush Outpost and snap a photo. What could be easier?

I’ll post the location and my artistic effort below for your admiration. Or maybe ridicule. You decide and let us know what you think of it in the comments. 

The reward? A new Forzalink phrase, “Mo Powa Baby”. Makes it all worthwhile.

forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Photo 1
forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Photo
forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Photo 2
forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Photo location

Treasure Hunt – “An Old Challenger Appears”

The clue this week reads “A class act for sure, win a drag race for treasure galore”. It’s nice when they rhyme, isn’t it?

So, I’m guessing we need to win a drag race in a Challenger,up to A Class 800,  and so I made a tune called “Challenger” set up for drag racing. Pick the race of your choice and pin the throttle!

For finding the chest (I’ll put a picture of the location below) we will receive 100 FP.

forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Treasure 1
forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Treasure
forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Treasure 2
forza horizon 5 series 22 winter Treasure location

Playground Games – Acceptable in the 80s

Leaving behind the list of things that used to be acceptable in the ‘80s, what we have to use this time is a car from the 1980s to a maximum tune of S1 Class 900. I chose an MG Metro 6R4 from from the decade, and made a share called “6R4” under my GT, Red620Ti.

Yet another Forzalink phrase is up for grabs, “I’m the best at games”. Best used after missing a checkpoint in the Trial, I feel.

Horizon Open – This Ain’t My First Rodeo

An event that is right up my alley this week, we have to earn three Ultimate Drift or E-Drift Skills in Horizon Open Drifting. I can’t recommend a car as it could be any class, but get sliding!

We can take home a Honda NSX-R for slipping about the place.

Part 4: Hot Wheels Events

If you have the Hot Wheels expansion and are an Elite Level player, then you get to enjoy a couple of extra events.

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Zone – The Ribbon

You know the score with a Speed Zone by now – maintain an average speed through the zone to win. 

The speed we need here is 150 mph and the car we have to use is an A Class 800 Retro Hot Hatch. I chose an Acura Integra Type R and the share code is : 671828283.

A Super Wheelspin is your reward.

Seasonal Championship – The Magic Number

As we all know thanks to De La Soul, 3 is the magic number, and in this case, it is a BMW M3 tuned up to A Class 800. Of the many models on offer, I went with  the BMW M3 GTR and the share code is : 198385025.

Winning all the races, or two out of three in a convoy, will get us a new horn, the “Hot Wheels Flames” one. Toasty.

Part 5: Rally Adventure Events

The Rally Adventure expansion brings even more events to the roster and provided you are already a Horizon Badlands champion, you’ll get access to… 

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Trap – Duna Escarpada

Now for something a bit different, a Speed Trap in a Retro Hot Hatch to A Class 800.

As the surface of the road is dirt, I went with an Acura Integra Type R and the share code is : 671828283. Zoom past the camera at over 100 mph to win a cool prize.

That prize being a Super Wheelspin.They count as cool, right?

Seasonal Championship – Tune Buggy

Well, the pun writers attack again, and this series of races needs us to take an Unlimited Buggy, tune it to A Class 800, and then get racing. I went for the Alumicraft C10 race car, and the share code is : 118007437.

For winning out, we can take away a new horn, the Raptor Rawr

With Series 22 more than halfway done, new monthly rewards are up for grabs. For a mere 80 points, you can take home a Pagani Huayra BC and for 160 points you can have a #64 Nissan Z, a nice looking drift car. The Z is exclusive to this reward as well, so go for it.

The new monthly Rivals challenges are also live – whack in some clean laps around Copper Canyon and the other around Los Jardines circuit. Make sure you take these in at some point during Series 22. It’s always best to get them out of the way early. 

Grab enough points and Autumn will also see you gifted with the GMC Typhoon pickup for 20 points and the mighty Porsche 911 1990 for 40 points.

And that rounds off the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 22 Winter. We’ll be back with a similar guide for Spring in the near future. Before we know it, Series 23 will be here. What’s coming in Series 23? More races and events hopefully. 

To enjoy these events in the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, you’ll need a copy of Forza Horizon 5. It’s available on Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and on the cloud via mobile. The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. 

As always, the comments section is below. We’d love to know if these cars and tunes have helped you out. 

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