As night follows day, and disappointment follows me any time I start to care even a tiny bit about football, so Autumn follows Summer in Mexico and Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 15. And we all know what that means by now, right? Yep, there’s a whole bunch of new content added in, for one week only. 

As part of the weekly routine, I’m going to take a look at all the events that are added in, and suggest a car and tune to you for the (hopefully) easy completion of said races and stunts.

So, let’s go and kick over a few stones and see what crawls out of Series 15 Autumn shall we?

Part 1: #Forzathon Weekly Challenge – Sport. It’s in the Name

So, the weekly driving about challenge is here, and it is another small car this week, although thankfully bigger than the Isetta from last week.

Yes, this time it is the 2015 Audi S1 under the spotlight. If you don’t already have one, then a trip to the Autoshow is in your future, as you’ll need to stump up a not inconsiderable 35,000 credits to get your hands on one. It looks good in yellow!

Chapter 1 – Vorsprung Durch Technik

Get in your shiny new S1 and take it out on the open road. Luckily there isn’t a requirement this week to keep it stock, so here’s a tune I prepared earlier: 162876202. It’s only an A Class, but should be good enough for what is in store.

forza horizon 5 s15 autumn audi

Chapter 2 – Everyday Extremes

Use your newly upgraded S1 to earn ten stars at PR stunts. This can be ten one star events, or three three stars and a one star, it is your call. 

I used a mix of speed traps and danger signs to chalk this one off.

Chapter 3 -Turbo Sports

Take your car out and test out its 2-litre turbo engine by holding a speed of above 150 mph for 10 seconds. Easy enough with the tune above and a run down the freeway in the middle of the map. Tick!

Chapter 4 – The Four Rings

Now, to celebrate the fact that there are four rings in the Audi badge, we have to merely win four Dirt scramble events. Again, easy enough with that tune, and also there are no rules against dropping the difficulty if you wish.

And with the final victory, the weekly challenge is complete.

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

Events in the challenge list this week are a bit of a mixed bunch, but luckily there is no Eventlab, so small mercies and all that!

What there is instead is the usual mix of racing, both in The Trial and regular Seasonal Championships, some PR stunt tomfoolery and a chance to play Playground Games and the Horizon Arcade. Let’s get going, pedal to the metal and all that…

The Trial – Saving the Pennies

In these days of a cost of living crisis, about the only place that I have excess money is in Forza Horizon 5. However, the challenge promises to be interesting, as we need to use a car that is tuned to a maximum of a Class 800, but that also costs less than 100,000 credits .Hmmm, this may be a challenge!

Being offroad makes the choice easier, and the Jeep Trailcat gets a run out. My share code is: 118411445.

We will get a BMW 1 Series M coupe for winning the event.

Seasonal PR Stunt – Desert Dunes

Our weekly challenge to make a car fly is this week centred around the Desert Dunes Danger Sign, and we need to fly a fair old way – some 460m.

We need to utilise an S2 Class car, that is the only restriction, and as the run up is off road I went with a BMW X-5M Forza Edition, and my share code is: 519084427.

We’ll win a Super Wheelspin for jumping a sufficient distance.

forza horizon 5 s15 autumn bmw

Seasonal PR Stunt – Pyramid of the Sun

Let’s go drive in an antisocial manner, shall we? I don’t know about you, but I totally obey all the traffic rules in Forza Horizon 5, so going out and speeding feels a bit naughty!

Still, with the wheel of a S2 Class 998 car in my hot little hands, let’s do it. We need to hit 190 mph, and there is only one weapon for the job – The mighty Koenigsegg Agera, share code: 109282883. The off road approach makes this really tricky, and approaching over open country seems best. Good Luck!

We will again secure a Super Wheelspin for zooming past the camera.

Seasonal PR Stunt – Granjas

Just for a change, we have a trailblazer to try this week, and with the course again being offroad, the only car for the job is the same BMW X5 from above, with the same share code. Getting to the finish line with a total of 32 seconds remaining on the clock is tricky, but should be doable.

Getting to the finish line fast enough will give another Super Wheelspin.

Seasonal Championship – Papa Noel

Take a Retro Supercar, tune it to A Class 800, and that should be a recipe for fun, right? Well, there’s only one car for me in this category, and it is a car I had a poster of on my bedroom wall as a kid – the Lamborghini Countach. My share code is :797737461.

Winning the championship solo, or best two out of three races in a convoy will get us a Lotus Elise from 1999. Plastic fantastic. 

forza horizon 5 s15 autumn lambo

Seasonal Championship – Extra Special

You could class a Hypercar as something Extra Special, I guess, and with the challenge this week being to find one of only S1 Class 900, I went with a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 from 2012, and the share code for mine is: 362867196.

Winning again (with the same criteria as last time) will get us a Mercedes Benz SLK.  Bit hairdresser-y!

Seasonal Championship – Boot full of Presents

If you were going to receive a Boot full of Presents, you’d want the boot to be as big as possible wouldn’t you? As there isn’t a “Volvo Estate” class, we’ve had to go for the second best category, Sports Utility Heroes. Finding one tuned to B Class 700 means that the racing ain’t gonna be fast and furious, and so I went with a bone stock Maserati Levante. Why spend money if you don’t have to, right?

For winning, we will receive a Lamborghini. Sadly, it’s the LM-002, a massive behemoth that weighs more than I do.

Part 3 – Other Challenges

Slim picking this week again, with only a Playground Games Event, a photo and a Horizon Arcade round to have a crack at. Still, we need them to maximise our points, so here are my suggestions.

Photo Challenge – #HIDEANDSEEK

Another chance to ignore a car completely this week, and again photograph a snowman that is lurking around one of our many houses. This week it is the Lugar Tranquilo house near to Playa Azul. 

The actual snowman is to be found at the top of the orange house to the right as you drive in, in a little kind of hut up there.

Check the pictures below for my effort at this challenge and also the location. Oh, and do you want to know what we receive for this? A Happy Snowman head piece, so at least we can look festive.

forza horizon 5 s15 autumn photo 1
forza horizon 5 s15 autumn photo 2

Horizon Arcade – Complete an Event

This time around, we simply need to complete Round 3 of any Horizon Arcade event.

As usual, my advice is to try one of the Drift events, as any of the Formula Drift cars in stock trim will be ideal for doing this, and with a bit of practice, it is possible to complete all three rounds solo. This isn’t usually necessary, as there are generally a lot of players trying these events.

Of course, if drift isn’t your thing, there are many more to try, such as Speed, Chaos, Wreckage and Air. Pick your poison!

A measly three points towards the weekly cars is your only reward.

Playground Games – Surviving the Holidays

Do you want to play a game? Well, I hope so, as part of the challenge this week to play some rounds of everyone’s favourite Playground game, Survival. This is any car, as long as it is A Class 800 maximum, and so I used the same Trailcat as above, share code :118411445.

For taking part (as there are no losers when we all play together, right?) we will receive a Jaguar XE-S.

Part 4 – Hot Wheels Events

I have to include this warning every week, even though I’m sure you all know, but in order to take part in these events, you need to have reached at least Elite rank in the Hot Wheels expansion. Assuming you have, it’s all gravy and I can recommend you a couple of cars!

Seasons – PR Stunt – Rockslide

Let’s go drifting, shall we? Now, fortunately, this week the class restriction is only S1 Class 900, and so the Formula Drift Mk IV Supra is the weapon of choice, in stock trim.

It’s not cheap to buy, but it is sublime for sliding, and the target of 180,000 drift points is easily achieved.

Take a Super Wheelspin for shredding some rubber, won’t you?

Seasonal Championship – The Nexus of Speed

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it, the Nexus of Speed!

Take an S1 Class 900 car, in the Modern Super car class, and win some races is what it translates into. So, with this being the Hot Wheels Park, I went with a good looking car, and settled on a Lamborghini Huracan LP710-4 from 2014. The share code for mine is: 101467248.

We will win a Porsche Cayman GTS for emerging victorious from the Nexus!

As Series 15 continues onwards, the opportunities to get new cars increases. There’s obviously all of the above that is new in Autumn, but you’ll also have the two Monthly Rivals events tasking you with completing a clean lap around the Estadio Circuit and/or the Arch of Mulege Circuit (Forza EV). You’ll find 4pts available for each. There are also a ton of Daily Challenges to complete, helping you along even more. 

You’ll find those points going towards your Series 15 rewards in the No. 22 Extreme E for 80pts and the Ferrari Cali T for 160pts, whilst Autumn also throws the Plymouth Fury (20pts) and Dodge Super Bee (40pts) present. 

Come back this time next week and Winter will see you gathering up the Caddy Limo and M-B 300 SLR, whilst after that it’ll be the turn of Spring, and you’ll really really want the AMC Rebel and the Porsche 911C2 GW. We’ll do the usual and ensure we have guides, tunes and the fastest cars detailed for this too.  

To take part in the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, you just need a copy of the game in your digital library. It’s playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. If you don’t yet have it, the Xbox Store will sort you out, either for cash or through the power of Game Pass.  

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of this article. The comments are below and we’re always waiting over on the usual social channels.