ForwardLane Unveils EMERGE, a Generative AI Solution for Wealth and Asset Managers

  • Data analytics and insights platform ForwardLane launched a new generative decision intelligence platform this week.
  • The new offering, EMERGE, will enable financial professionals to create and interact with client insights while keeping private data private.
  • ForwardLane made its Finovate debut in 2016. Nathan Stevenson is founder and CEO.

Data analytics and insights platform, ForwardLane launched a new generative decision intelligence platform called EMERGE this week. The technology will help financial services professionals deal with issues of data transparency, privacy, and security within the wealth management and insurance space.

EMERGE gives financial professionals the ability to leverage generative AI to find, create, preview, publish, and interact with new and newly-uncovered insights and data in a manner that is private, secure, and accurate. The technology combines ForwardLane’s composite AI, EMERGE-GPT, with its Visual Insight Generator (ViGOR). Visual Insight Generator is a zero-code tool that enables users to create insights from data using natural language – without requiring any technical expertise in LLM. Along with ForwardLane’s Next Best Action platform, EMERGE provides a complete cycle from insight and orchestration to last-mile delivery, usage, and feedback.

ForwardLane founder and CEO Nathan Stevenson noted that his company has been leveraging AI for several years. “EMERGE is an applied Generative AI solution for financial services that brings together the best functionalities of ForwardLane’s ViGOR and privacy-friendly EMERGE-GPT,” he said. “It gives financial services firms the ability to rapidly activate their existing data and data science investments and deliver insights to their frontline advisory and sales professionals.”

EMERGE will enable financial services professionals to:

  • Identify opportunities and risks across their client base
  • Review up-to-date client intelligence and analytcs along with recommended Next Best Actions
  • Receive Next Best Action recommendations that are integrated via API with workflow links
  • Accelerate daily workflow with 100x increases in document reading ability
  • Summarize, interact, and extract insights from PDF, DOC, and other files up to 25,000 pages

EMERGE is available on a white label basis. The technology can be deployed on cloud platforms or hosted by ForwardLane. EMERGE is currently in limited beta testing; the company expects to offer wider availability in the second half of 2023.

Founded in 2015, ForwardLane made its Finovate debut a year later at FinovateSpring. The New York-based company has raised more than $8 million in funding from investors including SixThirty and SEI Ventures. ForwardLane began the year teaming up with InterGen Data to offer predictive life-event driven insights.

Photo by Pixabay



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