CS: GO squads are enthralling to participate and contest to grab the biggest spots in the upcoming IEM Katowice 2023. Towards the last four games of the IEM Katowice Play-In, eight top teams with combat in the four best-of-three matches to get their position in the elite.

Fnatic, Complexity, and Team Spirit might face tricky duels ahead but may be marginally favored to play on the big day. These matches offer a final scope for the teams to get their preferred positions in the IEM Katowice 2023. Hence, a lot of action is awaited here!

Stay back to keep getting more insights on upcoming matches and performances of the CS: GO teams in each of them.

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ENCE Vs. Complexity

Ence and Complexity are two potentially strong teams working hard to grab a position to fight strong opposition. Since Complexity is the BLAST Partner Team that appeared recently at BLAST Spring Groups 2023, it might have a better prospect.

ENCE also has a strong defeating record and might sweep off the Complexity. In the September 2022 face-off, the competitive streak was evident. The strength of both teams varies differently. ENCE gains a winning edge with Inferno, Mirage, and Ancient, while Complexity can combat Nuke and Overpass.

Through the diverse map pools related to both teams, the tentative predictability here stands at:


Despite being an infamous name of the league, Sprout made it to a face-off with leading CS: GO Survivors, Spirit. Their performance of 2-0 over EG Landing qualified them, and they aspired to gain some big titles in the coming matches.

Over the past few months, Spirit has proved its efficiency by performing well with other teams. We can’t miss mentioning the epic war of Sprout at IEM Rio Major 2022, where they bagged an easy win of 2-0 against the Danish outfit.

Spirit is undoubtedly expected to nail the game, while Sprout might kick off the fight with its surprising win. It is overwhelming to await the match!

T&Cs Apply, 18+ Only.


This one will be a close-call match where MIBR is already an existing CS: GO hero. FNATIC has also proved its worth lately, but neither team has made a mark in the IEM Katowice 2023 Play-in. FNATIC lost against OG, and MIBR lost it against Ninjas in Pyjamas.

FNATIC is predicted to have a better winning edge over its counterparts, which slightly surpasses the potential of MIBR. Both rosters here lack the fraggers that can enable them to reap the desired victory. Though, it can be gripping to witness a close-call match here!

Await the power-packed CS: GO thrill to see who wins over whom!

Source: https://esportsjunkie.com/csgo/fnatic-and-complexity-favored-in-final-lap-of-iem-katowice-2023-play-ins