Five Lessons Business Can Borrow from the Movie Avatar (Nelia Holovina)

James Cameron’s work on Avatar is an inspiring example for businesses and entrepreneurs today. No wonder, taking into account the success of the movie:

  • Avatar (2009) got nine Academy Award nominations and three wins. I bet the second part will win even more.

  • Both parts of the movie broke box office records, grossing over $2.028 billion worldwide.

In this article, we will explore some of the key elements that made James Cameron’s work on Avatar so successful. We will also investigate how companies today can embrace these principles and apply them in their own practices to create positive change and make a lasting impact. By learning from James Cameron’s example, businesses can not only increase profitability but also work towards creating a better future for our planet and its people.

Lesson One: Invest in Training and Education


What James Cameron did? James Cameron hired the world’s best diving and breath-holding specialists for the film. The actors who starred in Avatar: The Way of Water underwent intense diving training to help make the movie as realistic as possible. They first spent weeks in a deep-water tank, learning to orient themselves underwater and perform stunts with great precision. Once they had mastered these skills in the tank, they moved on to open-water dives under the supervision of PADI-qualified instructors. These dives included free falls, long dives, and even night dives for certain scenes when darkness was needed for effect. According to film statistics, 200,000 dives in total were completed, making it the biggest diving movie ever made. Overall, their training paid off – audiences were astounded by the realism and skill displayed by the actors in the film. 

What your business can do? Invest in the training and education of your personnel. Sounds obvious, however, as always, everything depends on the attitude. Think which training can bring you a competitive advantage and pursue it for your employees. 

Lesson Two: Push Boundaries


What James Cameron did? Two parts of the movie Avatar totally transformed the film-making industry:

  • Avatar (2009) became the first feature-length movie to be entirely filmed with 3D cameras.

  • The new language (called Navi) was invented purposefully for the film. A linguist from the University of Southern California, dr Paul Frommer was hired to create a language that today includes around 1500 words and has numerous learners all over the world.

  • For “Avatar: The Way of Water”, Cameron used racer drones with high-speed cameras to fly through the forest and to move with the animals. Such an approach allowed to extend the perception of what people see and how they see it.

What your business can do? Innovate. If you don’t have enough tools, invent them. Yes, you don’t need to invent the bike if the tool you need is already available. But don’t forget about the creative approach in everything you do. 

Lesson Three: Choose the Right People


What  James Cameron did? The actors chosen for James Cameron’s Avatar play an incredibly important role in the success of the movie. Not only do they have to act believably as Na’vi warriors and human scientists, but they also need to capture the unique nuances that make up their respective cultures. From their accents to their mannerisms, each actor needs to be able to bring life and authenticity to their characters in order for the story to truly resonate with viewers. This is especially true when it comes to depicting a world so vastly different from our own – one where humans and aliens exist side-by-side on a lush new planet. Cameron’s choice of actors was particularly important in making sure that his vision was realized. 

What your business can do? Gather the dream team. With ordinary people, your product will be ordinary. Find Kate Winslet in your niche. But don’t underestimate people who seem to be ordinary. Who knows, maybe they have talents that are just waiting for you to be revealed.

Lesson Four: Be Eco!


What  James Cameron did? He demonstrated with his imaginary world and its characters the amazing beauty of nature showing how our actions impact our planet. With such an approach, he made millions of people all over the world to think about caring for the environment. We can say that Avatar is one of the best and most impactful nature preservation ads in the history of humanity.

What your business can do? No matter where you live or what you do, the theme of ecology is important. So, contribute to the preservation of the environment, and start the ecological initiative. Start with small and simple steps – plant trees, recycle, invest in sustainable projects… Besides, being eco-friendly is trendy and beneficial, so don’t underestimate this aspect.  

Lesson Five: Take Your Time


What  James Cameron did? It took James Cameron 13 years to complete the second part of the movie, including 2 years just for writing the script. Could he deliver it earlier? Probably yes, but the result would have been totally different. His dedication to perfection and his commitment to creative innovation serve as an example of how businesses should strive for excellence in all areas of operations. 

What your business can do? Take your time to make your product. If you go too early, the result might be totally different, and you risk the success of your whole project. James Cameron’s work on Avatar serves as a reminder to businesses that success doesn’t come quickly or easily. It requires dedication and perseverance in order to reach the top. 

In Conclusion

All in all, James Cameron’s work on the movie Avatar provides many valuable lessons for businesses. By investing in training and education, pushing boundaries, choosing the right people, emphasizing eco-friendly practices, and taking the needed time, businesses can gain a significant advantage over their competitors. 

I hope that businesses take inspiration from James Cameron’s impressive work to create an even brighter future for themselves. 



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