Getting that signature on the contract is a great feeling reflecting weeks, months, or, sometimes, years of effort. However, this moment is only the beginning of the process of earning the confidence and realizing the mutual benefits for both parties. During the client onboarding process, you lay the foundation of trust with your customer, a crucial factor in client retention.

With a 77% customer retention rate*, optimizing the customer onboarding process is crucial. Improving your onboarding process without comprehensive data and insights is like navigating with no map. Establishing and keeping track of the right onboarding metrics is the key to accomplishing this.

In this webinar, our group of talented onboarding expert panelists will discuss the best metrics to put in place to help deliver the optimal customer onboarding experience for your organization. We’ll start with a review of the most popular metrics. Panelists will share the best practices for introducing these metrics into your company and helping make the process tracking a sustainable operating practice. We’ll also share some helpful tips and resources to help you get started. Register now >

*Customer Retention Statistics by Churn Rate