When you are looking for a new video game to play, there are a lot of considerations that will generally go into this, and it’s something that you might want to think about from a lot of different angles. The truth is that there are different kinds of games for different people, and you’ll probably want to find that you are playing one that suits you and which you are likely to enjoy, most importantly.

So in this post, we are going to take a look at the major genres of video games and see what kind of personalities and people tend to opt for each. By the end of it, you should have a much better idea of which genre is for you, or at least which ones you might want to try out more in your life. Let’s take a look right now.

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Open World Adventure

First up, let’s consider the open world adventure game. As the name suggests, this is where you have a world that you can openly explore as you wish. Usually this means that there is a storyline which you can follow, and probably a lot of side quests as well, but you can generally just do what you want – and if that means just walking around taking in the scenery, you can certainly do that. You can go at your own pace, and that is definitely one of the main advantages to this kind of game.

People love open world adventure games for their freedom and the feeling of genuinely being in another world for a while. If you have played Zelda on the Switch, you will know this feeling well, and when it’s a particularly massive world as it is in that one, you are usually going to be able to spend a lot of time on the game before you get bored. There really is something amazing about this kind of game that you might want to try for yourself if you haven’t already done so, and if you think you’re the kind of person who might enjoy this.

Of course, at the moment there is a new game out of this kind, Hogwarts Legacy, and this is already incredibly popular. To get a taste of what this is like, take a look at this Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough – it’s quite detailed, so you can see exactly what the gameplay is like and what you can expect. If you’re looking to get into a new open adventure game, then that is definitely going to be top of your list right now.

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You will soon see that a lot of these genres can blend together two or three at a time. And that is certainly true here, because you can get a lot of action elements in more or less every other genre type out there. However, it is also certainly a genre in its own right as well. Action games focus, as you would imagine, on providing a lot of action, and this is one of those types of games that are usually very popular. A lot of the real top AAA games tend to have a lot of action to them, so you know that they are definitely a popular genre.

You’ll enjoy action if you like to be on the edge of your seat while playing. A lot of the shooter games are generally of this variety, and you will probably have played at least one or two of these at some point or another, so you’ll know the kind of experience that you can expect to have from those. All in all, action games tend to be experienced quickly and intensely, and you might find that you end up losing time as you play them, which is always a sign that you are having a lot of fun.

If you want to pass the hours, therefore, this is probably the genre that you are going to aim for. And you’ll find that you are going to have a much better chance of practicing your hand eye coordination this way too, because these games are particularly good at training you in this way.

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A lot of the open world games are also, by definition, RPGs – but this is certainly also a genre in its own right, and it’s one of the most important and popular genres out there. In fact, it always has been. For the uninitiated, RPG stands for role-playing game, and it’s the kind of game where you are a character moving through a world, making decisions that affect the outcomes, and usually on some kind of journey or adventure. Along the way you will build up your stats and gain friends and enemies, while also collecting items to use in various ways.

A lot of people find RPGs to be a lot of fun, and they are certainly another genre that you can find yourself playing for hours on end before you realize where the time went. You also have RPGs of so many varieties that you can definitely find one that is suitable for your tastes, no matter what. For instance, you might want to opt for one that is also action-packed, like Assassin’s Creed. Or you might want a real adventure one, like any of the Zelda games. There are so many varieties within the genre as a main, that you will definitely find one you love.

And they are great for what their name suggests – role playing. So if you love pretending to be different characters, you are going to find that playing an RPG is a really fun way to do this at home. It’s definitely one of those genres that you should be aware of and try out, if you haven’t done so already, because it is usually one of the best kinds of fun you can have at home on your own. All in all, RPGs are generally amazing, long and adventurous games that require and develop a lot of skill.

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Perhaps you are the kind of person who likes to put your mind to the test in figuring out an action plan. Whether it’s on a battlefield or some other location, if you love to strategise that is certainly the kind of thing that you can make use of with a strategy game, of which there are many examples in the world of gaming today and all throughout its history. In fact, this might be argued as being one of the oldest genres of video game still going, and it is certainly still going strong.

In a strategy game, you will often be working either with or against other players, real or AI, to figure out a result that you are going to benefit from. Often, these games are, by their nature, also god-playing games. A perfect example would be the Civilization franchise – a game in which you are playing the role of a civilization in history, building cities and conquering other civilizations in order to dominate the world map.

There are many other kinds of strategy games too, however, and at their more humble they can be seen in the form of flash games in browsers where you have to defend a castle against an oncoming onslaught of attacks. All in all, strategy games can be quite a wonderful way to practice your puzzle thinking, and they can often have an exciting and adventurous glint to them as well. There’s a reason they are easily one of the most popular genres of game out there right now, and always have been.

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This is also always going to be one of the most popular types of video games, and in part because the main thing about them – their sense of reality – is something that is always improving over time. Simulation games are where you can pretend, with varying degrees of reality, that you are doing something for real. For instance, you might play a pilot simulator, where you fly a plane. Or you might be in an outer space simulator on the space station. There is no limit to what this genre can throw up.

The point is that it all happens in real time – so if you are flying to Kuala Lumpur, you will do that in real time. This is an altogether different kind of experience to many other games, and it’s not for everyone perhaps – but a lot of people do really love this kind of game too. It has to be said that it has its charm, and often it’s the kind of thing you want to get into when you are learning something or you just want to try your hand at something you don’t think you’ll get a chance to do in the real world. Either way, they can be a lot of fun.

Those are just some of the main genres to consider. You’ll probably find that you have one or two of these which are particularly good for your tastes.

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