Customer Service


Signs of a global recession are everywhere. Google and Microsoft were, prior to 2023, known as companies that never laid people off. Now, they are dismissing tens of thousands from their respective corporations. Developed economies like ours, which are usually considered more stable than developing ones, are showing signs of instability. Basically, we are in a receding economy and people are buying less and less stuff and services. For this reason, service providers need to up their game to stay afloat as a smaller target market means more competition. Today, we will be talking about one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve – providing extraordinary customer service.

How Much Does Customer Service Matter?

The simple answer to this question is, “a lot.” Customer service plays three very important roles. Firstly, it gives customers, who are fed up with services that they believe are under par, an outlet to express their anger. This reduces the chances of them leaving your service and subscribing to that of a competitor. Alongside this, customer service also helps in enabling you to improve your service. After all, there is no better critic of your service than a paying subscriber.

Last but certainly not least, effective customer service also helps you increase sales. Imagine a customer calls in frustrated about an issue and they are given excellent service. Obviously, they will tell others about how their frustration was converted into happiness by your company which will then convince people to also subscribe to your service offerings.

The Answer Lies in Effective Training

Now, a recession is here. In the face of declining revenues, you obviously cannot increase the number of your customer service resources. However, what you can do is make those resources more effective by giving them top-notch training. In this article, we will focus on the features that must be included in that training to make it result-oriented.

Expose Your Agents to the Best

Inspiration is one of the best forms of motivation. And nothing will motivate employees better than having a role model to follow. That role model, in this case, will obviously be witnessing the performance of a top-notch customer service representative.

So the question now is where you find a good agent. Well, the answer to that is the consumer care team of a big service provider. This is because these companies hire the crème de la crème that they know will do nothing wrong. After all, in this age of social media, you can lose your reputation because of one bad customer service interaction. And in the case of the biggest service providers in America, a hit on reputation translates into losses of billions of dollars in revenue.

A viable option you have in this regard is making your customer service agents ring up the Xfinity customer service phone number. This is because Xfinity is even better than the average large service provider in the United States when it comes to customer care.

Impart Knowledge

There is no way that an agent will be able to perform well if they do not have good knowledge about your company and its service offerings. Knowledge about your company will help them refer calls from customers to the right department if the customer service representatives do not know how to solve the issue at hand or the answer to the question being asked. On the other hand, knowledge about the service offerings will reduce the number of times they have to even refer the calls to someone else. After all, they will be able to answer more queries and solve more issues by themselves.

Hold Anger Management Sessions

A lot of customer service is anger management. Customer care agents are primarily dealing with people who are there to complain about an issue. Thus, they are likely to be angry and might end up being rude to the agents. The trick lies in training your agents to not respond to anger with more anger as that will only lead to the customer unsubscribing to your service.


We would be lying if we said that the three features above are the only ones you should focus on in your customer service training. But, what we can tell you is that, given their huge importance, these are the points you should cover before all others. If you want to hold longer training sessions, you can also include more points.