Dexerto has undergone a detailed review of a wide series of historical tweets found to be discriminatory made by Evil Geniuses Cs: GO player named Jadan ‘Hext’ Postma.

These tweets were made in February 2015 and June 2018, including multiple N-word usage and derogatory terminology promoting homosexuality. These historic offensive tweets are in existence, given a hint from the veteran analyst and the content curator Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields this Sunday.

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Yet another offensive tweet was made against Ulrich Schulze, the Senior Vice President of Game Ecosystems at the ESL FACEIT GROUP. Evil Geniuses is among the leading 15 organizations that partnered and collaborated with ESL via Louvre Agreement, a revenue share program that witnesses its members getting the fix spots at the ESL Pro League and ESL Pro Tour CS: GO competitions.

Though not all, most of the tweets from this were completely deleted. HeXT, was just 21 in age while posting those tweets, and, in a few cases, was even 13 years old. Few of these tweets might be interpreted as a sign of immaturity, but yet it comes as an embarrassment to the Evil Geniuses, which is an organization striving hard to fight racism and get back positivity in the world of gaming and eSports.

In this June 2020, the Evil Geniuses did not even give a second thought to parting ways with the popular Fighting game player Christopher ‘NYChrisG’ Gonzalez for making the racist comments he has made for the past three years on Facebook. NYChrisG, who attained a win at EVO 2016’s Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Tournament was just 26 years old while making the comments.

Evil Geniuses commented, “After investigation, it was evident that Chris’ statements, though made in 2017, continue to have a real, harmful impact on our community.”

After a month, Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson mentioned in the Washington Post the organization’s requirement of ‘The culture of the player’ to inhibit from that of the company. She further said that Evil Geniuses reviewed each staff member and player to ensure that their actions were at par with the words.

Who’s Hext?

HexT is emerging as a star in North America’s two-tier scene in 2019 and a significant part of the RBG eSports for participating in the first season of the ESEA Premier League of August 2020.

HexT is presently in Europe with the Team Evil Geniuses, who crashed off at IEM Katowice at the 21st-24th position after the Sprout and Fnatic losses at the Play-In-Stage. Dexerto is awaiting the comment from Evil Geniuses.

Rekkles at Fnatic’s LEC Winter 2023 Losses: ‘I probably contributed more to the team’s failures.’

Witnessing a recent video by Fnatic Bot Laner Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson appeared to be almost breaking down in the upcoming video is heartbreaking.

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A renowned player from the Swedish Professional League of Legends recently posted an extremely honest and raw video on his social media account by apologizing to his fans and giving a brief of his feelings and thoughts on coping with a loss against SK Gaming at the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) Winter 2023.

On the concluding note of the regular season, Rekkles raised his disappointment and frustration post the elimination of Fnatic from the Group Stage Contention.