There are casinos that pay out the winnings quickly and then there are casinos that pay out the casino winnings immediately i.e. instant casino payouts!!

What is the difference, which casinos have direct payouts and which payment methods do you need to use to guarantee that your casino winnings are paid out immediately or at least on the same day within 24 hours?

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We feel that many casino players are a little confused about this very thing with fast and direct payouts and want in today’s article to help you understand how payouts work and what you can do to get your winnings in the account quickly!


  1. Online casinos that have a direct payout process, around the clock!
  2. The absolute fastest online payment methods in New Zealand
  3. Casinos that have quick payouts but not Instant!
  4. How VIP players get instant casino payouts!
  5. How instant casino payouts were invented and where!

1. Casinos with instant payout process

The first thing that happens when you request a withdrawal is that the withdrawal goes to the casino’s payout team.

Here you check that the player has met the conditions needed to be able to request a withdrawal, such as verification documents uploaded and the bonus requirement met.

Instant casino payout at Getslots
Instant payout at Getslots

It is in this process that we wait for the casino to approve our withdrawal and only when they do, the transaction is sent to our account. As you probably understand, this is also where casinos differ.

Some have a team that reviews and approves withdrawals around the clock to ensure the fastest payouts, while others have a team that works certain working hours, eg 7am-4pm.

If we request a withdrawal the night before, in other words, we have to wait until the next day before the casino can even approve our withdrawal.

Should it not be approved for any reason, we must again request a withdrawal when this is resolved.

But casinos that have a direct payout process around the clock will always review your withdrawal within a few minutes, regardless of what time of day you request a withdrawal.

Because of this, casinos that have this offer the market’s fastest payouts.

Best casinos with instant payout process

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2. Payment methods with fast transfer process

After the casino has reviewed our withdrawal and approved it, it is forwarded to our account. How quickly it reaches us now depends entirely on the payment operator.

Mifinty e-wallet offers instant casino payouts
Best online banking method for Instant casino payouts!

Bank transfers are known to have the slowest withdrawals where the bank can take up to 5 days to approve an incoming withdrawal.

E-wallets such as Mifinity, Skrill and Neteller are the payment methods that guarantee transfers within 1 hour or a maximum of 24 hours.

So if you want to make sure you get the absolute fastest withdrawals on the market, you need to choose two things which is a casino with a direct payout process and then also a fast withdrawal method.

The fastest payout methods online

All casinos with fast withdrawals

Then we also have casinos that offer fast payouts regardless of which payment method you use with them. How do these work then?

In short, these casinos have also made sure to put an incredible amount of focus on the team that approves withdrawals, in this way all withdrawals are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.

However, you specify 24h to protect yourself a little in case you don’t have time, but in fact the withdrawals at these casinos are reviewed and approved on the same day, hence the name same day casino payouts.


However, all casinos must submit the withdrawal process to the payment method you have chosen after the withdrawal has been approved. It simply means that the casino cannot influence how quickly you get your money because it is now in the hands of the payment operator.

If direct payouts are not at the top of your list when choosing an online casino, it can be smart to choose a top casino with fast payouts because these casinos not only offer fast withdrawals but also a really good experience overall.

We list these casinos here on the fast casino withdrawal page.

3. VIP players always receive instant casino payouts

There is also another way to secure instant payouts at all online casinos at all times! It is to become a casino VIP player.

VIP benefits at online casinos
VIP benefits at online casinos

All online casinos take care of their VIP players and ensure that they get a personal manager who secures direct withdrawals, better bonuses and much more.

Some online casinos display VIP info on their website, others have no info at all, but regardless, all casinos contact players personally if they make larger deposits.

You may not get direct withdrawals at all casinos immediately when you make a larger deposit, but you get a contact and usually some modest bonuses.

If you continue to play, the casino upgrades its gifts and you can also ask your personal manager for the things that you value most, such as fast withdrawals.

Although all casinos take care of their VIP customers personally, there are those that are a little better than all the others in our opinion.

We therefore list the best VIP casino sites here with the best VIP programs.

Top VIP casinos

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Interesting facts about instant casino payouts

The term instant casino withdrawal first appeared in Sweden in 2019 when the country introduced its own gaming license.

In connection with this, players from Sweden were offered the opportunity to have casino winnings paid out within 15 minutes by using the country’s verification called BankID.


Casinos with instant withdrawals were invented in Sweden!

An app in the mobile phone that verifies everyone as the app is connected to the Swedish banks. In this way, operators and the local banks could cooperate to secure ubtealnings directly.

Countries that do not have this unfortunately cannot get as fast withdrawals, but operators who tried or work in the Swedish market quickly realized how popular fast casino withdrawals are among players and from there they began to come up with ways to secure faster withdrawals for casino players from other countries .

In some countries a verification system similar to Sweden’s BankID was found, but in other countries they had to optimize the withdrawal process and integrate fast payment methods.


Does New Zealand have anything similar?

In 2021, EFTPOS was launched. Here is how EFTPOS works!

In short, this is an app that enables secure and fast payments like the Swedish BankID app.

But, yes unfortunately there is a but and that is that EFTPOS is a very new service which is so far only connected to the local companies in New Zealand.

Offshore casinos have not yet integrated this because there is no cooperation with New Zealand. In the future, if New Zealand introduces its own liens for offshore casinos, it is guaranteed that all casinos that get a NZ license will introduce EFTPOS as a payment method to secure instant payouts.


Think of:

  • If you use e-wallets for quick withdrawals avoid Neteller and Skrill if you love bonuses. This is because most casinos exclude bonuses when using these two payment methods. We recommend Mifinity!
  • To get the absolute fastest withdrawals with regular bank transfer, which is still the most popular method in NZ, you should play at a casino with instant casino payout process.