europa keyart

Adventure, exploration, meditation – three ticks in the ‘We’re Interested’ box there for the newly revealed Europa. 

Announced by the indie dev Helder Pinto and their publishing friends – quite literally – at Future Friends Games, is that of Europa; a game that promises to allow players to take in the joys of exploration, of adventure and of meditation. 

Due to release on PC and console in 2023, Europa takes us off to the titular moon as we get to explore a lush terraformed paradise that is found sitting in the shadow of Jupiter. It’s here where we come across Zee, a little android who is looking for information – information about their creator, the last human alive. 

Running, gliding and flying across Europa, joining Zee will see the player take in a gaming experience like no other, one that is as intense as it is relaxing, all as you flow through the air, freely up into the sky. 

It looks breath-taking and the trailer (see below for that) is one of beauty as Helder Pinto (art lead at Blizzard, worked on Overwatch) and Future Friends Games (they previously behind Omno and Exo One) look to immerse the player. 

Full game features will include:

  • A breathtaking world of lakes, meadows and mountains to explore, scattered with the remains of a fallen civilisation
  • Free-flowing movement that empowers you to glide serenely from boost to boost, building power and momentum over time.
  • Uncover secrets, solve puzzles, and navigate hidden dangers in the ruins
  • An intimate story about growing up and humanity’s relationship with nature.

We’ll be sure to follow this with further info as and when we can, but for now you’d do well to hit up that trailer and perhaps even pay a visit to the Steam page

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