8-Ball Pocket Review

Picture the scene: Presents exchanged, Christmas dinner eaten, boxes of chocolates strewn everywhere, it is time for the games to begin. But what do you play? Monopoly will cause an argument, and you have pieces missing from every other board game. Can I suggest an alternative? 8-Ball Pocket is out now on Xbox.

One of the quintessential pub games, pool has been played in pubs and bars for decades. The ease and smaller size of the table compared to the more gentlemanly snooker makes it an easy game to play with friends. Now, the pub classic has been condensed further to fit inside your Xbox. There aren’t that many pool games on Xbox, discounting Pure Pool, and even fewer Optimised for Xbox Series X|S, so can 8-Ball Pocket excel where there is a gap in the market?

8-Ball Pocket is – as the name suggests – based on the American version of pool. This is where two players take turns to pot their numbered balls – colloquially known as spots or stripes – before converging on the 8-Ball. First to pot that, wins.

Also included in 8-Ball Pocket is local multiplayer for up to four players in a 2v2 match-up.  There is a Versus mode where you can challenge the AI, or Arcade mode to compete up the rankings. Special shots also award points which can then be compared with friends and others in the online rankings. And to top it off, the pool table is housed within a bar that oozes late night vibes with its smooth jazz playing in the background.

8-Ball Pocket is on the Xbox Store now priced at £4.99. Those wanting to save a bit of money should grab it now as there is an introductory discount dropping the price to £4.24 for a limited time. Stick around for our review coming very soon too, once we’ve beaten grandma one more time for the complete family victory.

Game description

Enjoy 8-Ball Pocket with friends and family. 8-Ball Pocket brings you eight-ball pool, also known as American billiards. You can compete with up to 4 friends or against the AI in Versus mode, or challenge the best in the world in Arcade mode, where you can make combo shots and rack up points to become Number 1 in the online ranking. All of this comes in a setting with great graphics and Jazz music.

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/enjoy-some-family-fun-with-8-ball-pocket/