Super simple. Works REALLY well.

Hi everyone!

I recently built an A.I. side project that writes your emails and more for free and in seconds (and it is REALLY good at it). I originally made this for myself, but once I started showing it to people it was clear that I should release it for everyone to use.

So here we are!

It’s called Octie, and you can sign up for free here:

Over 1,000 brands have already signed up for Octie, some that are small, and many that I bet you saw in a grocery store, or on TV, within the past 24 hours. They have used Octie to write thousands of emails, product descriptions, and more, and these have already been emailed and distributed to millions of people.

All of this has happened within the past 7 days, it’s been very wild to watch.

I hope you get as much value from Octie as I have been.

Matt Schlicht (MattPRD)