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Tech startup Drivr has launched its Drivr Tipping Platform, a B2B platform that makes it easy customers to tip last-mile drivers and service providers.

The company says it wants to address the crisis of high driver turnover, brought on by issues including long hours and unpredictable transit times, by improving the financial lives of last-mile delivery drivers.

Delivery providers can integrate the solution using a simple API-based integration, which creates “tip links” that are shared with a customer so they can tip their driver or service provider, using a mobile payment system  such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Venmo. There are multiple solutions available, including a no-code solution, a low-code solution, or custom/enterprise solutions.

The company says the Drivr Tipping Platform not only helps customers say thank you to their drivers, but allows drivers to get paid more, and gives businesses the opportunity to improve the customer experiences they provide.