DPC EEU Tour 3 Division 1 Betting Insights: Odds & Predictions

With every regional Dota Pro Circuit underway, not many are as exciting as the DPC EEU Tour 3 Division 1 tournament. Featuring some of the best Dota 2 teams in the world, we’re at the point in the season where everyone is thinking about The International. Bearing this in mind, there are some massive stakes at hand for these matches, as outlined in our DPC EEU Tour 3 Division 1 betting insights below!

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DPC EEU Tour 3 Division 1 Betting Insights – Format and Schedule

Starting all the way back on 14th May, the top 8 teams in all of Eastern Europe have been competing and will continue to do so up to 4th June. Taking place online, the competition is set to complete a round robin, where each team faces one another once, with prize and seeding up for grabs with exciting esports betting opporunities.

Beyond the $205,000 of prize on the line, the seeds up for grabs are as follows:

  • 1-3rd – Bali Major
  • 1-6th – Division I
  • 7-8th – Division II

In addition, the higher the placing, the more Dota Pro Circuits teams can earn.

Currently halfway in DPC EEU Tour 3 Division 1 Week 2, there’s still more than half of the competition to look forward to, with each match being a BO3.

Moreover, we’ll be previewing three matches which Dota 2 betting sites are considering to be thrilling esports betting opportunities, as scheduled below:

27th May 

  • Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming (13:00 CEST)
  • 9 Pandas vs BetBoom Team (19:00 CEST)

28th May

  • Virtus.pro vs One Move (13:00 CEST)

Providing us esports betting odds for each match-up, BC.Game is the esports betting platform we’ll be using for our betting insights. If you’d like to learn more about BC.Game, feel free to check out our very own BC.Game review!

DPC Tour 3 EEU Division 1 Betting Insights

Team Spirit vs Nemiga Gaming

For those unaware, Team Spirit won The International back in 2021, making history.

Since then, they have maintained their position regionally, while also showing up internationally. Bearing this in mind, although Nemiga Gaming are currently ranked higher in the DPC Tour 3 EEU, Team Spirit is favoured in this match-up.

In addition, as a new face from Division II, Nemiga have a lot to learn and are not favoured here against this veteran roster as listed in the Dota 2 betting odds.

  • Predictions: Team Spirit (2-0) Nemiga Gaming
  • Odds: Team Spirit Outright Win (1.15), Nemiga Gaming Outright Win (5.0)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game


9 Pandas vs BetBoom Team

Last split, in Tour 2, 9 Pandas dominated the region with a first place finish under the name of HellRaisers. Since renaming, they have remain undefeated at Tour 3 so far.

Accordingly, BetBoom are also undefeated so far, after placing third at Tour 2.

Bearing this in mind, this match looks to be the highlight of the Tour so far, with the top 2 teams facing one another at the top of the standings – 9 Pandas favoured thanks to last Tour’s performance.

Considering how tight these teams are, Dota 2 live betting could be great during this match-up!

  • Predictions: 9 Pandas (2-1) BetBoom
  • Odds: 9 Pandas Outright Win (1.65), BetBoom Team Outright Win (2.15)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game

Virtus.pro vs One Move

So far this season, Virtus.pro have performed consistently at the middle of the standings, not really rising to the international stage.

Right now, the standings have then in 6th place with a 1-2 record, although that could change wth a win over One Move.

Luckily for them, the last time these teams faced off, Virtus.pro won and remain the favourite here once again, although not by a massive margin.

  • Predictions: Virtus.pro (2-1) One Move
  • Odds: Virtus.pro Outright Win (1.68), One Move Outright Win (2.1)
  • Betting Site: BC.Game

Image Credits: Valve

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